TMKOC: Monika Bhadoriya Claims ‘Asit Modi Threatened To Ruin My Career’

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma former actress Monika Bhadoriya claims producer Asit Modi thretened her that he wouldn't let her work in Mumbai.

The ongoing feud between Taara Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma Asit Kumar, the makers, and the cast is never going to end. Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, who plays the role of Mrs. Roshan Singh Sodh, shocked everyone with her shocking allegations. And after her, the former actress of the show, Monika Bhadoriya, has also made some shocking allegations against the show’s producer, Asit. In a recent interview, Monika revealed that Asit had withheld her three-month dues for more than a year and that she had to struggle mightily to recover her money. The actor who played Bawri in TMKOC claimed that the producer also threatened to destroy her career.

Interacting with E-Times, Monika claimed that Asit Modi threatened her that he wouldn’t let her work in Mumbai. She said that she had to fight for her hard-earned money for one year before they were ready to release it. When the actress told them everything was enough, she is now going to file a complaint with CINTAA. That’s when they panicked and released her payment. During her entire six-year journey with the show. she never got the payment that was decided. When she talked to them about the issues, he would go back on his words, saying he didn’t remember what was decided. She said, “Woh sabka paisa khate the.”

Further talking about receiving threats from Asit, the actress said that Asit Kumar Modi threatened her that he would not work in Mumbai. She was already going through the mental trauma of losing her mother, and here the producer was threatening to ruin her life. She struggled to work after that, which impacted her life and career.

Before Jennifer and Monika, many actors, including Shailesh Lodha, Disha Vakani, and Gurucharan Singh, had also left the show for different reasons.

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