Mika Singh Says “It’s Obvious Women Will Come On Swayamvar For….”

In a recent interview, Mika Singh opens up about women participants in Swayamvar and says, 'It's Obvious Women Will Come On Swayamvar For My Name & Fame'

Bollywood singer Mika Singh is all ready to find his wife as he is now gearing up for his Swayamvar which will be broadcasted on Star Bharat. The reality show would feature the Bollywood singer on a hunt for a suitable bride where Mika will meet 12 single women and choose one to be his life partner towards the end of the show. While recently the singer said, that the girls will come to his Swayamvar for his name and fame but there’s nothing wrong with it, read the whole story here-

Singer Mika Singh is currently looking for a life partner in the reality show, Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti. The singer has now spoken about the women who will participate in the show for his “name and fame”. He said everyone wants a “well-settled” groom. Speaking about the same the singer opened up about it and said, “All the girls coming on the show, they know they are coming to be my life partner. They know who I am and that I am an established name. They will obviously come for my name, and fame, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Everyone wants to marry someone who is well to do and settled, even parents also look for a bride or groom who is well settled in life, nobody wants their kids to marry a struggler.”

Speaking about the girls the singer added, “Girls usually wish to marry a person who is self-made and can take care of her and her family. Agar woh ye soch ke aati hai (if they come with this in mind), I don’t have a problem at all. It depends on me, how I want to be with them.”

Earlier during the launch of his upcoming show, the singer revealed the qualities that he wants in his wife, Mika Singh said, “As I said, it would be wonderful if I get a wife like Radhika and Ginni bhabhi, so I told Shaan in jest, that Shaan if nothing is working out then please send Radhika Bhabhi, as a woman like her will take care of me, will cook food for me, so these are some qualities that I am searching for in my wife. Like firstly in our Punjabi culture the people are very welcoming so this quality is a must and apart from this she should take care of my work routine and schedule, like when do I sleep and my diet so that I won’t need a manager as my wife should be my personal manager who would manage everything properly.”

 The upcoming reality show will telecast the opening episode on the 19th of June. It will then air from Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on Star Bharat. 12 beautiful divas will compete against each other to become Mika Singh’s life partner.

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