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Meera Deosthale Says Reality Shows Are Not Scripted

Best known for her path breaking performance as Chakor in Udaan which made her a nationally loved ace TV superstar, stunning actress Meera Deosthale says reality shows are not scripted.

Best known for her outstanding performances of Chakor and Vidya she has been successful enough in establishing herself as an ace TV actress with Udaan (Colors TV), and Vidya (Colors TV) also won the hearts of the audiences and her fans. In a recent interview, Meera Deosthale says reality shows are not scripted.

The actress during one of her very recent interviews expressed what she felt when asked about reality shows, Meera Deosthale says reality shows are not scripted.

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She explained the same in detail and said that reality shows are designed in such a way that the contestants true self comes out but this misconception of reality shows being scripted in false and totally baseless. She elucidating on the same, said, “I don’t think they are scripted. I have been on reality shows as a guest. They create it in such a way that the real personality of the person participating is reflected. People who design these reality shows are really smart, I think”.

Also agreeing on the fact that such reality shows are very hectic and stressful for the tv actor contestants, she said, “I Am sure they must be extremely stressful. Ultimately whoever participates wants to win and votes play a vital role in that”.

Bigg Boss host Salman Khan has always said that people in the show often end up forgetting their reality of having to work in their respective careers once this show ends outside this Bigg Boss house and often they tend to get too much moody and loud in the house. Meera agrees that it’s tough to control your emotions on such shows, explaining the same she said, “It definitely shows the kind of person you are. If you are in a house with so many strangers and you have to co-exist with them in certain situations, there will be friction. But that’s where the audience judges the contestants and see how they deal with the situation”.

Meera also nodded in affirmative when asked if she also wants to be a contestant on TV reality show, she said, “I haven’t been a contestant on any of the shows. I have been a guest on a lot of them. I haven’t had the opportunity to be part of any reality shows as yet but I am looking forward to being part of one soon”.

Furthermore, she also added, “I enjoy Khatron Ke Khiladi. It’s a fun show and I think I enjoy doing my own stunts. It will be fun to be a part of it. I love Nach Baliye too. I was offered Bigg Boss twice but I am not sure if I am cut out to play that game. I don’t enjoy being in such a stressful environment”.

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