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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Meera Deosthale: My Mom Taught Me Simplicity Which Works For Me

Stunning and versatile TV star Meera Deosthale best known for shows like Udaan and Vidya says my mom taught me simplicity which always works for me.


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In a recent interview, the stunning TV star Meera Deosthale says my mom taught me simplicity which works for me.

Best known for her remarkable performances in both hit serials like Udaan and Vidya, Meera Deosthale says my mom taught me simplicity which works for me.

In her latest chat interview off late, speaking about how simplicity defines her, Meera Deosthale says my mom taught me simplicity which works for me.

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From being a sassy diva to a beautiful lady, Vidya actress Meera Deosthale’s Instagram photographs are proof that she is no less than any fashionista out there. Though she confessed that being a public figure one should be stylish, she prefers to keep it simple and explaining same, she said, “It’s important to be in fashion and wear fashionable clothes. There are people who love watching us, who take out time in their life to watch us, to get to know about us and they would want to see how their idols or favourite actors carry themselves. But for me, less is more. My mom has always taught me simplicity and that works for me”.

The Udaan actress also acknowledged that clothes reflect our personality and that one must dress up as they feel comfortable and also added, “If they don’t, then you are really in a very uncomfortable place. People feel different when they dress differently. The confidence boosts in so many ways”.

She further said, “If I talk about myself, then I am different when I wear jeans, I am different when I wear a saree. My body language changes. Sometimes I can be a tomboy if I want or a complete lady depending on how I dress up”.

Meera revealed that she used to feel uncomfortable wearing sarees initially, but she gradually got the hang of it and on same, she says, “I used to see other women who carry it well, tried learning from them”.

And as far as shopping is concerned, she quipped that a girl can never have enough clothes and said, “I spent the month usually on a dress. If I am buying something and I can afford it, I prefer buying in from the best places. I have to go shopping if I am going out to a party or somewhere else”.

“I have clothes hanging in my cupboard which still has tags on and hence I have reduced shopping in the past one year”, Meera concluded.

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