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Meera Deosthale Expresses Concern About The Escalating Mental Health Issues

Holding up amid these devastating pandemic times is difficult. It has been mentally strenuous for us, many have been fighting depression given the job losses, deaths, not being able to socialise or do things that one enjoys. Udaan actor Meera Deosthale has been expressing concern about the escalating mental health issues, especially depression. She has also been urging people to open up, seek help.

“I’ve met and seen people, who are hurt from inside and who do not know how to take it out of their system. The worst case scenario is that what we have seen during the lockdown, so many people just ended their lives. It was really disturbing. There are many who are struggling with mental health as they do not have someone to talk to. They don’t know how to deal with it and some end up taking the extreme step,” she says.

Addressing the taboos attached to mental health, the actor adds that in our country people are still judged for visiting a psychiatrist or consulting a counsellor.

“This thought process needs to end. We all need doctors and therapists, who help us to heal, who would just hear us out and tell us what to do. At some point of life or the other, we all go through something,” she adds.

Meera feels blessed to have her mother with whom she can talk about everything. She also has a set of friends whom she can call any time to talk about what’s happening to her.

“They listen and suggest a way out of the situation. They remind me of the fighter that I’m and are compassionate towards me. That’s enough for me to sail through a certain phase and bounce back. But not everyone has that person in their lives. For them we have therapists and counsellors. Like it’s no shame to speak with our parents or friends or relatives, it’s alright to speak to therapists and counsellors too. Don’t think what others may think of you, just help yourself first. When you come out stronger, you can take any challenge and excel.”

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