MasterChef India 7 Judges Get Trolled For Praising Contestant Aruna Vijay’s Plain Looking Appams

MasterChef India 7 the reality show is facing criticism from the audience for their biased decision toward contestants.

MasterChef India is one of the most popular cooking shows in the entertainment industry. The reality show is currently in its seventh season, and the audience gets the benefit of watching the most delinquent dishes. However, the show is facing criticism from the audience for its biassed decisions towards contestants. The audience is feeling that the judges are very supportive of home cook Aruna Vijay and are biassed towards the rest of the contestants. Early this month, netizens lashed out at the judges as they allowed the contestant to switch her protein source from fish to paneer just because she is a vegetarian. And now even they did the same as they couldn’t stop admiring her simple-looking dish.

In the latest episode, we saw that the judges favoured the plain-looking appam over Priyanka Kundu Biswas’s cake, which she made without the help of an oven. The “Ticket to Finale” challenge task was announced by chefs Garima Jain, Ranveer Brar, and Vikas Khanna during the most recent episode. The challenge for the candidates was to prepare inventive and healthy cuisine with a twist. Half of the participants were instructed not to use power, while the other half were prohibited from using the stove midway through the task.

Nonetheless, despite the additional difficulties, home cooks were still able to prepare their meals. While the chefs praised Aruna Vijay for her use of “oil and grain” in her meal, which included small appams, stew foam, baked vegetables, and chammanthi thoran, they didn’t knock the flavour or presentation. Reacting to the judge’s decision, one netizen wrote, “Chef Ranveer gave a lecture on oils and grains instead of giving Aruna the negative feedback her dish deserved.” “His bias for her runs deep.” Another netizen wrote, “Lol, he can never give negative remarks or feedback to Aruna, and aaj praise karne ke liye kuch nahin mila toh raw oil usage pe shabaashi dene lage!” chef Garima said what it is ! #MasterChefIndia

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