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Malvi Gets Candid, Speaks About Undergoing Brutal Attack Last Year

Post the horrific incident that happened a few months back wherein Malvi was repeatedly stabbed by Yogesh Mahipal Singh, now getting recovered, during latest interview, actor Malvi Malhotra gets candid and opens up about undergoing brutal attack last year.

Udaan (Colors TV, 2017) fame ace TV actress Malvi Malhotra who is still recovering and recuperating herself from the physical and mental trauma that she went through when a man repeatedly stabbed her multiple times in Mumbai last year, in her recent interview, Malvi gets candid, speaks about undergoing brutal attack last year.

Malvi who is still rejuvenating herself from the injuries, during her latest interview, Malvi gets candid, speaks about undergoing brutal attack last year.

Budding starlet Malvi best known for her remarkable performance in TV serial Udaan, whilst her very exclusive interview off late, Malvi gets candid, speaks about undergoing brutal attack last year.

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Actor Malvi Malhotra, who was seen in the show Udaan, went through a traumatic event last year when someone stabbed her multiple times. The actor says that although she is well now, it is tough to forget what happened. Highlighting this point, Malvi said, “It is a very big challenge to control your subconscious mind because how much ever to try to forget things, they come to you in your dreams or when you are not thinking about anything. Such things affect you a lot. Like when I am sitting alone and doing nothing, this trauma haunts me again and again. But I try to forget it and I practice a lot of meditation to calm my mind. I read good motivational books to rid out of this trauma and my parents are there to support me, but it’s quite challenging. I have to come out of it but yes it will be take a lot of time. I don’t know how much time it will take, it’s a very bad memory I want to forget for ever”.

Ask her what has kept her mentally strong, and she says, “In my case, because I am very spiritually inclined, this thing has kept me very strong right from the day I got attacked. I really felt that power in me. I was an atheist seven years back, and after something happened in my life and I became very spiritual and because of that I got a lot of will power in me to fight to live and heal myself as soon as possible. A lot of people ask me, ‘How you forget things? And ‘How are you so strong? But I can say that this is not me, this is my spiritual strength and I don’t know from where this will power comes. I feel that when you read so many spiritual books and you believe in god more than yourself, god is there to help to always”.

The actor advises people to not panic when they face a tough situation and explaining the same she said, “Whenever we face any problem in our life, we panic, we get angry, we get disturbed and react to different things. So, we don’t take out the solution, we just react, we don’t respond. I will advise everyone to just think over the situation as everything has a solution. The first thing is don’t panic and don’t react to things. Try to find the solution and calm yourself because the problem has already happened now you can’t do anything. If I would have thought that I have got scars, then I would have felt negative. I think about positive things like God has saved my life, my organs are safe, I see the positive side of everything, so I feel happy”.

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