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The Mahasaptah Episode To See The High Drama Unfold In Molkki

Week after week, TV's much loved show, Molkki has got the viewers on their toes with its intriguing storyline.

Week after week, COLORS much loved show, Molkki has got the viewers on their toes with its intriguing storyline. But this week the entertainment doze is going to get higher as in the current track, Virendra and his family members celebrate Manas’s Birthday when Purvi (played by Priyal Mahajan) decides to leave the house. Virendra sees this and tries to stop her. The kids also jump in and ask Purvi to cut the cake with them. After the celebration, Purvi still hasn’t changed her mind and tries to leave. This is when Virendra stops her and tells her that she cannot go anywhere until her mol is not paid.

Adding to the drama, as Virendra travels to Delhi, Anjali takes advantage of the situation and provokes Sakshi into convincing Purvi to be a part of Molkki Diwas. Later, Purvi dressed in black is tied up and humiliated.

Talking about the Mahasaptah, Virendra aka Amar Upadhyay says, “For me, Molkki always been a very special show as it talks about a very sensitive topic in the most mature and interesting manner. In the current track of the show, my character Virendra finds himself facing a dilemma where he has to balance the equation between Sakshi and Purvi. While he is duty-bound to honour the wishes of Sakshi, his first wife, he also has to make sure that Purvi does not have to face any injustice at the hands of Sakshi. The Mahasaptah episode will see a lot of drama and confrontation as Virendra tries to be just to Purvi when Sakshi tries to humiliate her. In a way, this is a test for Virendra who has always believed himself to be uncompromising and fair in his dealings. I am sure the audience will be very curious to see how Virendra deals with this situation.”

Talking about playing Purvi, Priyal Mahajan says, “Playing Purvi in Molkki is easily the most interesting and impactful role that I have essayed to date. Purvi is mature and strong yet vulnerable in some aspects. The way she navigates her environment and faces the challenges that come her way is something very real and inspiring. In the current track, Purvi is coming to terms with the fact that her struggle will be long, considering Virendra’s first wife Sakshi has entered their lives. She is at such a point in her life that Virendra’s support means a lot to her, and she is in doubt whether he will support her or not. The viewers will surely appreciate the high drama they will witness in this Mahasaptah.”

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