Mahabharat: Did You Know Pankaj Dheer Underwent Surgery After Being Hit By An Arrow?

BR Chopra’s Mahabharat and Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan arecurrently the top shows in Indian Television. Even though they were first aired30 years ago, both the shows have garnered immense love and appreciation fromthe audience. For many, it’s memory down the lane but for today’s generation, itis something new and compelling. Netizens have often shared love for their favorite Mahabharat character but the appreciation for Pankaj Dheer’s character Karna stands apart. Recently, when his character died, netizens were heartbroken and many expressed their appreciation for Pankaj Dheer’s tremendous acting skills. According to somereports, Pankaj got badly injured on the sets of Mahabharat while shooting forthe epic war scene. The actor got hit by an arrow near his eye and was immediatelyrushed to the hospital, where he also underwent surgery.We can’t deny the fact that Pankaj was so much in the character and itshows through his acting skills that he has dedicated so much to play therole of Karna. Now we can’t just imagine any other actor playing the characterof Karna with such ease and charisma.