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Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s romance to heat up in new episode of “Vagabond”

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy in the upcoming episode of Netflix's original, “Vagabond,” will be seen getting closer than expected and fans are going crazy!

In the new pics that surfaced of Vagabond, the makers teased fans with another romantic moment between Lee Seung Gi and Suzy! In the pictures, Lee Seung Gi who plays Cha Dal Gun is seen treating Go Hae Ri, played by Suzy, wounds. He is seen getting closer to her tries to steal a glance before he blushes. Hae Ri looks at him intently and is seen setting her hand on his forehead.

In the drama, Lee Seung Gi plays the role of a stuntman who is out for revenge from the people who caused the plane crash and which caused the death of his nephew, while Suzy plays the sassy agent with the NIS (National Intelligence Service) who is seen helping him.

While filming for the romantic scene, director Yoo In Sik told both actors, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy that they could get as close as they wanted to each other without touching. So after adorable looking at each other, the two are seen laughing out. It is reported that Lee Seung Gi is the happy guy on the sets is always seen making Suzy laugh with his hilarious improvisations while rehearsing. A source also reported told an entertainment portal, “The two actors’ chemistry is so good that no matter what we ask of them, they deliver and then some.”

Lee Seung Gi, who plays a stuntman in Vagabond is said to pull off over 90 per cent of his stunts. The martial arts director for the show said, “Usually when people train for three hours, they’re so tired out that they can’t do anything else. But even after Lee Seung Gi trained for three hours, he’d suggest that we go run up a mountain. It might be because it’s not been long since he was discharged from the military. He was really passionate.”

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