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Kishwer And Suyyash Became Parents To A Baby Boy

The much awaited news scoop of the day here is that the tinsel town's hot and lit couple, Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai have finally became parents to their new born baby boy.

One of the most loved and adorable real life couple in the tinsel town who always sets the couple goals and also have been giving their fans on social media platforms much needed couple goals as well are Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai and an exciting news is that Kishwer and Suyyash became parents to a baby boy.

This is indeed an amazing news for all the Sukish fans on social media right now that Kishwer and Suyyash became parents to a baby boy.

Two days back on 27th August 2021, this much loved couple Kishwer and Suyyash became parents to a baby boy.

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The most popular faces of our indian television industry right now is that Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai have finally embarked a new chapter in their life as they became parents to their newborn baby boy two days back on 27th August and Kishwer delivered their baby a few days back in the hospital and indeed its such a good news that even fans can’t keep their calm.

Ever since both Kishwer and Suyyash had officially announced about their pregnancy on social media, both of them have been sharing several stunning and gorgeous pictures on instagram and microblogging site Twitter wherein they were proudly seen flaunting their baby bump and then a few months back in June 2021, Suyyash had even hosted and planned a lavish baby shower for Kishwer in presence of their families and closest friends.

While many celebs love to share their little munchkin’s happy moments with the world, the new parents Kishwer and Suyyash have decided to keep their baby away from social media for around 40 days.

In an earlier candid conversation with a leading digital entertainment portal, Suyyash talking about same had said, “People who are showing their children on social media, it’s their call, it’s their children. Parents have all the right to decide. Coming to us, I think Kishwer is such a person who likes to be on social media. She has her own world around it”.

He also had added, “If being a mother she wants to put a photo of her child on social media, I wouldn’t stop her because it’s her wish and she has all the rights. But we have decided, for the first 40 and 50 days we will follow the old ritual of not showing the newborn baby face to outsiders. After 40 days if we feel like sharing with the world, we will do it. It’s purely on us. But for now, we haven’t decided anything on this yet”.

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