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Monday, April 12, 2021
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Khatija Iqbal: Being Stereotyped Is Inability Of Exploring Artist’s Range

TV actress Khatija Iqbal in her latest interview says that being stereotyped comes from inability to explore true potentials of an artiste.


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In a recent interview, TV actor Khatija Iqbal says being stereotyped is inability of exploring artist’s range.

Speaking on why she wants to avoid getting type casted, TV actor Khatija Iqbal says being stereotyped is inability of exploring artist’s range.

Speaking in details about her choice of doing roles which are strong and performance oriented and not do similar type of characters, Khatija Iqbal says being stereotyped is inability of exploring artist’s range.

Also spilling the beans on why its very inhuman of many production houses who don’t behave nicely with new actors and extras on sets and also expressing her disappointment on how they often end up being exploited by them, Khatija Iqbal says being stereotyped is inability of exploring artist’s range.

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Having started her acting career with the web show Ragini MMS Returns, a few more shows, a film and now Inside Edge 3 under her belt, Khatija Iqbal is the new talent in the block. Content with the pace her career is shaping up, the actor is determined to choose parts wisely and avoid getting typecast that has affected many careers.

In fact, Iqbal strongly feels that among the two changes that needs to be brought in the industry, the first thing would be to stop stereotyping actors as that restricts from talent to flourish.  She elaborates, “I feel it comes from lack of knowledge and the ability to actually invest time into exploring actors and their potentials. Give them a chance to at least test for different parts and see the newness they are bringing to the table. Only when someone gets a platform, he/she can showcase what more he/she can offer”.

The second thing that she points out is how she feels about actors, especially newcomers and extras are being treated by some production houses.

Explaining this point, she says “Exploitation of actors needs to be addressed. Some production houses think they own actors especially the junior artists. I’ve seen heads and senior actors misbehaving with junior actors… Supporting actors are being called on sets and to sit for hours and hours just for a suggestive few seconds take. I have seen how tired they get, all sleep-deprived but focused on their dreams. They also need rest to look fresh and good on screen, energetic to perform well. And more than anything else actors deserve respect,” she concludes.

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