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Kavya Tries Demeaning Anupamaa, Accuses Her Of Using Kids As Bait

In the upcoming episodes of Rajan Shahi's Anupamaa, we would be seeing just how after getting the first chance, Kavya tries demeaning Anupamaa, accuses her of using kids as a bait.

This day had to come when Kavya was in a position of authority over Anupamaa in Rajan Shahi’s hit tv serial Anupamaa. After the big truth disclosure of Vanraj’s illicit extra marital affair with Kavya where entire family gets to know about their relationship, Kavya has been unsure and insecure about her place in his life, and that’s why she kept on asking him to just leave his house and stay with him. Post this, in the upcoming episodes we would see how Kavya tries demeaning Anupamaa, accuses her of using kids as bait.

After the big heated argument with his family in the serial where Vanraj initiated everything, Kavya caught him lying to her when she found out that he was having lunch with his family at his house where he had gone to pick up all his stuff. Seeing Vanraj back home made her uneasy and on top of that when he lied about it, it made her quite upset. So Kavya knows that Vanraj loves her a lot, but she is aware that he will never leave his parents and kids for her, and that somehow makes her very insecure. Amidst of all this family drama chaos, we would be seeing just how Kavya tries demeaning Anupamaa, accuses her of using kids as bait.

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In her insecurity and also to vent out her frustration, she met Anupamaa and lashed out at her for using her children as an excuse to get close to Vanraj. While Kavya’s behaviour was totally uncalled for, Anupamaa maintained her calm and explained to her the harsh reality with dignity as she said that she may not be Vanraj’s wife but she will always be the mother of his children.

This might have come as a shock to Kavya, who is already very uncertain about her relationship with Vanraj and where it is heading. Also, earlier it was about home for Vanraj, and now it’s clear that it’s just about his parents and kids, and this is going to create more trouble between the two. So let’s see where their relationship goes because believe it or not, Vanraj might be trying to defeat Anupamaa, but there hasn’t been a single moment where he has not remembered her.

Produced by Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi under their banner Shahi Productions Pvt Ltd, Anupamaa features Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Shekhar Shukla, Paras Kalnawat, Muskan Bamne, Tassnim Sheikh Nerurkar, Aashish Mehrotra, Nidhi Shah, and Anagha Bhosale. It airs on Star Plus.

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