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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Kavita Takes Sly Dig At Rubina Abhinav’s Divorce Revelation In BB14

In a recent surprising turn of events, ace TV actress Kavita Kaushik takes sly dig at Rubina Abhinav's divorce revelation in BB14 through her tweet as a scathing response to a troll who tried bashing her for participating in Bigg Boss 14.


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The ace and iconic tinsel town superstar Kavita Kaushik is best remembered by her fans in India as inspector Chandramukhi Chautala from FIR. She has been ruling hearts of fans and audiences from past so many years and after her recent successful stint in the TV reality show Bigg Boss 14, fans love her more than before. In a recent turn of events, Kavita takes sly dig at Rubina Abhinav’s divorce revelation in BB14.

Her journey was short lived as she voluntarily walked out of the house after a heated argument and spat with Rubina Dilaik on day 61 during the shark attack task where all housemates were against one another to earn the immunity. Now in her recent social media tweet, Kavita takes sly dig at Rubina Abhinav’s divorce revelation in BB14.

Latest news update here is that in a tweet response as a scathing reply to a troll who tried bashing her for participating in Bigg Boss 14, Kavita takes sly dig at Rubina Abhinav’s divorce revelation in BB14.

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She had entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entrant with Naina Singh. Kavita who is strong headed and solid, was total fireworks inside the house thereby raising the entertainment quotient by adding much needed tadka in the show. After her brawl with Rubina, when Bigg Boss opened the door for any one of the contestants to walk out, Kavita made her exit from the show on her own.

It all started now when a social media user and enthusiast had tried trolling Kavita by writing a tweet which specified about Kavita losing all her reputation and respect by participating in the reality show. This tweet made Kavita lose her cool and then as a seething answer to this, she schooled the troll with a perfect comeback answer in which she took pot-shots and also a jibe at Rubina and Abhinav who had revealed that they participated in the show as they both were on verge of divorcing each other and also in order to give their relationship some more time.

The troll had tweeted a GIF from her hit crime comedy show FIR wherein Chandramukhi Chautala is seen slapping her sidekick Billu (Sandeep Anand) while Gopi just looks at them. He wrote a caption that read, “Bigg Boss is not your place. You have lost a lot of respect”.

Source: Sarwar Babu Twitter. He tried trolling the actress in this tweet.

On this tweet as a seething answer, Kavita wrote, “Kyu bhai ? Jhoota affair chalaaya koi? Apni shaadi ke raaz kholey ? Ya nakli aansu bahaaye for footage victim card khel ke? Agar inn baaton se respect milti hai toh tel lene jaaye aisi respect! (Why brother? Did I have a fake affair with anyone ? Spilled the beans and secrets on my marriage to world ? faked tears and did emotional melodrama for footage? Did I play a victim card? No right. If we earn respect from doing all of this, then do hell with such respect)”.

Source: Kavita Kaushik Twitter. She wrote this tweet as a response wherein she schooled the troll for his tweet.


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