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Kavita Kaushik: Contestants Of Bigg Boss 14 Are Not Being Real

Bigg Boss 14 wild card contestant and actor Kavita Kaushik thinks that housemates of the current season are not being actual self; rather they are copying contestants of the earlier seasons.

However, the FIR actor plans to bring many twists as she has now entered the controversial house.

Talking about her personality for the Bigg Boss house, Kavita shared, “I can talk about the kind of person I am. I think I’m a fun person. I’m a funny person. I like to tease people. That’s my normal nature. In fact people get offended saying that it gets too much.”

“Honestly, I come from a small town and I have been teased a lot, so that is what I have learnt. That is what I do but in a good way and not a mean way. I hope my humour works. I hope it gels with people.”

Furthermore, Kavita thinks if she gets into an dispute, she would try to add something new to it.

“After watching the show this year, I feel the contestants are trying to copy contestants of the previous seasons. I hope I am able to get something new. Bigg Boss is known for its seasons and its contestants. Iss baar surr nahi bethe hain, main umeed karti hun ke mein naya surr laga paungi.”

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