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Karanvir Sharma: Shaurya Is A Really Dynamic And Real Character

In his latest conversational and candid interview with us, the heartthrob hunk and nuanced film / TV star Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya is a really dynamic and real character.

Currently seen as the dapper and enigmatic professor Shaurya Sabherwal in Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK, Star Plus, 2020 – present), this heartthrob bollywood star and nuanced TV actor on the block has been winning hearts of fans and audiences with remarkable performance in the hit serial and in his recent exclusive interview with us, Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya is a really dynamic and real character.

In his latest exclusive conversational interview with us, opening up more on what makes his character so intriguing and unique on TV, Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya is a really dynamic and real character.

Getting candid and open with us on the journey of his character Shaurya Sabherwal in Star Plus’s hit show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya is a really dynamic and real character.

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Opening up on the journey of his character Shaurya in the show from day one till now in his exclusive conversational interview with us, Karanvir shared, “Generally what happens is that TV is a woman’s medium since primarily it’s the woman who watches it and woman who enact long hours and generally a male lead’s work gets a bit easier and that is truth of television. Over here, I am not speaking for myself but all actors have to come in with a mindset that today is going to be a challenging day. Whether it is whoever it is as no character is really half baked as if they are half baked then there’s no point at same time. Shaurya is a very dynamic character and at same time he is very real character”.

Furthermore, he also added, “Dynamic since his life and situations are really dynamic and if you notice, Shaurya being from a really rich family can do anything but he does whatever his hearts tells him to do or listens to whatever he is taught and it doesn’t matter if its right or wrong for him as he doesn’t think about it”.

Sharing more details on why his character is so diverse and yet real which has not been seen that much on Indian TV, Karanvir added, “Being from a rich family, but he eats food on a roadside thela, if he sees a poor mother and son he doesn’t think of helping them but rather thinks that if they really need help, then I will help them. So these real nuances which touch the heartstrings is makes Shaurya dynamic. His anger is relevant as on that point he feels he is not able to handle situation and even his love makes sense as he has never gotten that much love ever in his life and if he got it then its in form of a loan so when he gets to feel and know about real and true form of love, he values it a lot that is why he does anything for his love and which is why I have never seen a character like Shaurya in my life and its very rare and seldom and for the love I am getting am really thankful and also I thank the fans who have showered unconditional accolades and love for him so thank you so much”.

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