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Karanvir Sharma: In TV You Need To Deliver At Faster Pace

Best known for performances in films like Azhar (2016) and Zid (2014), in his exclusive interview with us Bollywood / TV star Karanvir Sharma says in TV you need to deliver at faster pace.

Best known for his strong performances in Bollywood films like Zid (2014), Sadda Adda (2012), Azhar (2016) and Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017), this Bollywood film star has been successful enough in creating a permanent niche for himself in both Bollywood and telly industry as well. In his recent interview with us, ace film / TV star Karanvir Sharma says in TV, you need to deliver at faster pace.

Currently garnering lots of accolades and love from both fans and audiences for his nuanced performance as professor Shaurya Sabherwal in the hit Star Plus serial Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (2020 – present), in his latest conversational interview with us, bonafide TV star Karanvir Sharma says in TV, you need to deliver at faster pace.

Speaking about his character, the show and lots many things, in his exclusive interview with us, exemplary TV actor Karanvir Sharma says in TV, you need to deliver at faster pace.

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Speaking in details about how the transition from films to TV has been really challenging for him, Karanvir says, “Its only been challenging for me as far as commitment is concerned as it requires constant effort where you are literally shooting for 25 to 27 days in a month along with being round the clock busy and rolling. In movies, it’s like you’re really busy in a one to two months schedule and then you have a breather or a break. Or, it is this way where you also get a couple of off days. TV is a little bit more hectic because you need to deliver it at a faster pace. In movies you do maximum two to three scenes in a day and are chilled. So yes, that ways it’s a little hectic. But as far as transition is concerned, my performance I’ve kept to natural and real to what I keep it for a film or a series. I don’t compromise on my performance. There’s not an exact transition as such since I also have couple of films which are ready for release wherein one film is going to be releasing in two months from now. Another one is going to come in August or September. I am just grasping in every bit of movies and television and I feel blessed”.

Explaining his take on receiving fan love each day on social media from his ever growing fanbase, Karanvir shares, “I really feel good. Honestly, anybody who removes time for me or the work that I put in whether it be any fan or follower or any person who is dedicating their time is amazing. Nowadays we see everyone is busy and then removing time even for a like or a comment is very precious. I thank them all”.

Speaking in details about a path breaking performance for him in his entire career till date, Karanvir said, “I feel its still yet to come. But compared to what I’ve done before, I feel that what I am doing now is really path breaking only because he’s has so many emotions to display and also there are many layers to this character and when it comes television, I feel like I need to notch it up to another level. I feel that people are liking this character because he is really very human.  You can’t really differentiate between whether he is a good or a bad guy. He’s just a normal average guy who acts according to the situations he is in. One of the reasons I took up this role was the fact that this role was too challenging and also I feel that this is one of the finest roles I’ve done so far”.

Speaking about his reaction on garnering accolades and intense fan love for his portrayal of Shaurya in Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK) on Star Plus from social media, Karanvir asserts, “I am really humbled as honestly that was not my intention that I would get accolades and love for my character since no actors expects that. It’s just that you work on a character wherein you try doing your best so that you feel happy when you go home. Any accolades that follow is obviously the hardwork of not only me but also good writing, and the way it is planned out, so it’s a team effort after all”.

Spilling the beans on similarities between his character Shaurya and himself in real life, he told, “Not at all. I mean maybe the good side but not the dark side of him at all since I don’t think it’s something which I have as I’ve not explored that side at all. So initially my character Shaurya was a bit chauvinistic guy and in reality I am not at all that way. My respect towards women is unparalleled. For me it’s really important since I’ve grown up becoming this person only because of a good upbringing from women including my mom and mam for which I am really thankful. Women have played a really important role in my life as far as teaching me or anybody else. I learned a lot from my teacher and also enjoy working with women directors, DOP’s as they are really good in having the edge of creativity in themselves”.

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