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Karanvir Sharma: Fans Trending Shakhi On Social Media Is So Sweet

Best known for performances in Azhar (2016) and Zid (2014), in his exclusive interview with us Bollywood / TV star Karanvir Sharma says fans trending #Shakhi on social media is so sweet.

Best known for his strong performances in Bollywood films like Zid (2014), Sadda Adda (2012), Azhar (2016) and Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017), this Bollywood film star has been successful enough in creating a permanent niche for himself in both Bollywood and telly industry as well. In his recent interview with us, ace film / TV star Karanvir Sharma says fans trending Shakhi on social media is so sweet.

Currently garnering lots of accolades and love from both fans and audiences for his nuanced performance as professor Shaurya Sabherwal in the hit Star Plus show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (2020 – present), in his latest conversational interview with us, bonafide TV star Karanvir Sharma says fans trending Shakhi on social media is so sweet.

Opening up in details on fan love for his and Debbatama’s onscreen pairing also shipped as #Shakhi on social media, Karanvir Sharma says fans trending Shakhi on social media is so sweet.

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Speaking up on the humongous amount of fan love for #Shakhi on social media each day, Karanvir says, “I feel it’s good and really sweet. It is really sweet that they got talking about us and also there was a little trend happening on twitter and it was really sweet to see that. Also, many people from my work group and all informing me about it and it’s really amazing to see that the fans take effort of getting the show some visibility and love on social media. I really thank them for and it makes me really happy as well”.

Speaking about how the show happened to him and that one factor making him say yes for it, Karanvir said, “The show happened to me during the lockdown. When we all were in midst of a lockdown, I was really itching to go back to work since couple of my films also got shelved and lot of things went haywire where many of my projects also got pushed ahead. So, I was really looking forward to working again since I’ve never been in home for so long and at that moment, these guys called me in for a character. Honestly, I wanted to do a love story as it’s been way too long that I did something like that. Last film which I did that was a total romantic thriller was Zid back in 2014. Even in Girl In The City Season 2 (2017), there was not much of a romantic track as such. I really wanted to explore that kind of romance and genre out of curiosity. I jumped on the total package with this show and for me it was the character as for any artist it’s just that”.

Sharing his take on his entire journey till now, Karanvir said, “I think that my entire journey has always been hard as when you’re trying to get your mark in this industry you have to be giving your best as you can’t have any off days. You have to always be visible, working and also be part of the opportunity and also a part of the process. I just feel that my entire journey so far including the years of efforts and hardwork I put in, somewhere down the line this year has been kind enough to me. I’ve had some failures in past, but looking forward all these experiences will make myself a better person and a better actor”.

Finally when asked about the message he would want to give to his fans and any upcoming films or series that we would see his brilliant performances in, Karanvir signed off by telling, “Like I said, there are couple of films which are lined up for release and everything. I think in a month or two, I’ll make an announcement of that as well as and when the producers decide. Message for my fans would be that Thank you.  I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support that you’ve been giving me from past few months. Anybody who has not seen the show should see it because it’s a college based love story which is coming after a long time as you don’t see it on television that often. It’s not something that is seen on TV that much since this is not a typical TV show. The performances, actors and writing is brilliant. When I see and read the script, I feel like I would want to add more to my performance and storyline as well. I’d just like to thank them so that we can entertain fan for a much long time”.

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