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Karan Sharma: Really Elated That Audiences Are Loving Maharani

In his latest and exclusive chat interview with us, noted and ace film maker Karan Sharma speaks about Maharani, his experience with Huma, rapport with Sohum and more.

He is a well-known director who has given netizens and indian audiences a gripping and well written superhit series titled Maharani that is streaming on OTT digital platform Sony Liv and after last year we can say that audiences can make or break any series and this year with Maharani we have got another masterpiece series just like last year it had been with Scam 1992. In an exclusive candid chat with us, director Karan Sharma says really elated that audiences are loving Maharani.

Opening up more on what makes Maharani different and intriguing from other series, in his latest interview with us, director Karan Sharma says really elated that audiences are loving Maharani.

Also revealing about why he felt that only Huma Qureshi could carry off the titular female lead role of Maharani with poise and nuance, director Karan Sharma says really elated that audiences are loving Maharani.

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When asked about his experience of directing this gripping and well written hit series Maharani for Sony Liv, Karan Sharma said, “My experience of directing Maharani was really good and first project is always special for any director so Maharani is really close to my heart and only thing in mind was to do it right so that everything pans out beautifully and honestly we had no idea of how much wide reach is it going to have in India whilst making it but I am happy that people have been loving the series and also are praising it so it felt really good”.

When quizzed about his experience of working with stellar bollywood actors Huma Qureshi and Sohum Shah in Maharani, Karan responded, “It was fantastic. Huma is really down to earth and humble. Before I got to know that am directing this series with Subhash Kapoor sir onboard as the producer, we had just finished another movie ‘Madam Chief Minister’ and that time work on the series story was going on. That time I got to know that Subhash sir is writing a series for Sony Liv but when it was going to be directed that bit I didn’t know and then a before, Subhash Kapoor sir called me and said you are going to direct it and I said ‘Okay’. I also told sir that I have not got any knowledge of politics but I know only a little bit. I knew about it because I had already worked on a political drama film before and because of that research I knew and then sir told me that see it in the way of making a film and not a series”.

Further continuing and also speaking in detail about his experience of working with Huma Qureshi, Karan told, “Later on I got to know that Huma has been finalised as the main lead and there were also many other names but Huma’s name was locked as the lead in this series and so I was little excited as well since there is also a star value attached to the show but somewhere deep down I used to think that how will she react and then since it was my first project, there were apprehensions like whether or not the actor and director will bond or not, who is the director and so on. But I remember that when we were doing costume trial, I told Huma that this is my first project so I hope that we both can work together with an understanding and harmony and Huma had told me, ‘Sir don’t take tension. We are going to work in sync as a team and will fly with vibrant colors’ and that day I felt really relaxed like when you get support from the artist then you get a boost and confidence on not being tensed”.

Specifically mentioning about his rapport of working with Huma, he said, “I enjoyed a lot working with her and we shot for series with lot of fun and had a blast together. Huma and other actors in series never made me feel that it is my first project and we shot in mid of lockdown when it was getting over but with all precautions. I didn’t get any problem from production, artists”.

Speaking about his rapport with bollywood actor Sohum Shah, Karan said, “Coming to working with Sohum, I know from him from many years. In Sohum’s first film I was an AD and so we have an old relation and I have a different bonding with Sohum also I didn’t have any problem there as well since he is also very nice to me”.

Further opening up on his take on Maharani receiving love, adulation and accolades from fans and audiences, Karan said, “I am really feeling so happy and also every crew member is happy as well. We knew that we are making something good but we didn’t have slightest idea of receiving this level of love and appreciation and also didn’t really feel that on this level people will love the show and I remember from the time series has released, my phone has been ringing nonstop and not only from India but also in abroad people are watching it and calling me at night like at 2 and 4 am. Best part is that in female audiences, small towns, rural areas, and families Maharani has become really popular and like it has become like cult and even though it has two abusive words but its common nowadays and honestly this has created a new benchmark”.

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