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Karan Sharma: Reality Of Politics Is Shown Subtly In Maharani

In his latest exclusive conversational interview with us, noted bollywood film maker Karan Sharma says reality of politics is shown subtly in Maharani.

He is a noted bollywood film maker who has given netizens and indian audiences a gripping and well written superhit series titled Maharani that is streaming on OTT digital platform Sony Liv and after last year we can say that audiences can make or break any movie or series and this year with Maharani we have got another masterpiece series just like last year it had been with Scam 1992. In an exclusive candid chat with us, director Karan Sharma says reality of politics is shown subtly in Maharani.

Opening up on how he wanted to stay close to reality whilst making the series, Karan Sharma says reality of politics is shown subtly in Maharani.

Also revealing about how he successfully created the series without any filmy touch in it, Karan Sharma says reality of politics is shown subtly in Maharani.

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Speaking up about how reality in politics is shown subtly in the series by describing a scene from Maharani, Karan Sharma said, “There’s a scene in series wherein Loveleen is seen doing buying and selling and it is being done so quietly and silently that no one really can imagine something like this is even happening. Ofcourse, people involved know that somewhere a plotting and planning is going but common man doesn’t get hint of it. In real politics if you see, you never get to know what is exactly going on like government coming into power, plotting for making a particular ruling party collapse we don’t know about it and when things happen we get to know about it so I have tried to show real and unseen side of internal politics in Maharani”.

Speaking about how he felt that Huma Qureshi was perfect for main lead in the series, Karan Sharma said, “Honestly, when Subhash Kapoor sir was writing story and since I was going to direct it, many names came in like few names were shortlisted for female leads and then suddenly Subhash sir said, should we do this series Maharani with Huma and then I also said sir let’s do it with Huma. No one had any idea back then of what would happen as before that we had just made a film with Richa Chadha so we didn’t have any idea of what kind of performance it would be but we had this in mind that Huma had acted in Gangs Of Wasseypur and was really good in that”.

Continuing on same, he added, “So Subhash sir said let’s do it with Huma. Sir narrated the storyline to Huma who really got excited and she did a lot of preparation to get into her character which was unbelievable and also nailed it. There are some artists who need makeup, but Huma was like, ‘Sir, I’ll do it without makeup. I’ll do mota sindoor, bindi and whatever you want to show on screen will work for me and is totally fine’. During the reading, Huma had come in a saree and I felt like wow it’s so good and she is really hardworking and good. Till now out of all the actors that I’ve worked with, she is really the best not because she has worked with me, but as a human being she is really good and as an actress she is just amazing and outstanding and post Maharani, I can say that Huma is an actor as well who acted with nuance and finesse in a totally de glam role so effortlessly”.

Also opening up on how it creates a pressure after the first season of Maharani became a huge hit, to deliver more strongly in the second season of it, Karan adds, “Definitely it does create a pressure that since your first season has become so successful then second one has to beat the benchmark and be a bigger masterpiece as well but we should not think about it which is what I really believe in as makers should never really work under pressure. Even if first one would not have been a hit and even if we were making something different, then too we would not have been working under pressure and would work freely. When we had written this, we had written it without any pressure of making it a hit and that too freely. So working with free mind and honesty along with hardwork is essential and it being a hit or not depends on audiences and in pressure people often end up making mistakes”.

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