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Karan Speaks About People Mistaking Him For Raj Kundra

In his latest interview, the hunk and suave heartthrob TV actor Karan Kundrra opens up on people mistaking him to be Raj Kundra and much more.

Last seen playing the multi-layered character of Ranveer in ace producer Rajan Shahi’s longest running and most popular TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus, 2009 – present), one of the most versatile and finest TV stars and actor of our tinsel town, Karan speaks about people mistaking him for Raj Kundra.

Especially opening up on how he is currently feeling really concerned on his repertoire and public image as a well renowned and popular face of Indian television after coming across the recently ongoing Raj Kundra pornography controversy and more in his latest interview, Karan speaks about people mistaking him for Raj Kundra.

Stellar and trailblazing TV, digital and bollywood actor Karan Kundrra who is one of the most imminent and well renowned faces in the Telly world is really feeling tensed after coming across the entire Raj Kundra ongoing gaffe and row in lieu to pornography and in his latest interview with a leading entertainment tabloid, Karan speaks about people mistaking him for Raj Kundra.

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He spoke about how many people actually mistook him as the producer Raj Kundra who is currently embroiled in the ongoing pornography controversy and also said that when this case made it to the publications headlines, he woke up to a news publication’s headline which read, ‘Karan Kundrra arrested for making porn films’.

Opening up on this, Karan Kundrra said, “Not just my picture, some also used my name. When I woke up and opened my Twitter, I saw a lot of people had thought that it was actually me who was caught in the controversy and were tweeting about it while tagging me. It took me a while to figure out what actually happened, and that it was Raj Kundra”.

Furthermore, also getting candid on how some people ‘thought that it was a mistake’, whilst ‘some thought that the person in question’ is the actor himself because of which he also became prey to a lot of abusive comments on social media despite his entire fandom correcting them repeatedly and talking about this he asserted, “This has happened before as well when someone called me Shilpa Shetty’s husband, which was taken in a lighter manner”.

Karan also added that originally he thought that it amusing but later he was really ticked off by it and continuing on same topic, he shares, “So many people have read it. I have a screenshot of that article with me. Now, if anyone reads that in a small town, and doesn’t read the updated news, they’d think it’s me for the rest of their lives”.

Talking about how worried he is right now about people’s perceptions after reading the reports, Karan added this bit, “That is detrimental to my image”.

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