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Karan Kundrra Opens Up On His Breakup With Ex VJ-Anusha

In a recent interview chat with a leading news publication off late, dapper and hunk TV star Karan Kundrra opens up on his breakup with ex VJ-Anusha.

One of the hottest ex-couples of tinsel town which made a maximum noise whilst they both were dating each other was renowned TV celebrity VJ Anusha Dandekar and dapper TV star Karan Kundrra who were totally in a serious and committed relationship with each other for almost 3 and a half years before calling it quits a while ago back in January 2021. In a recent interview, Karan Kundrra opens up on his breakup with Ex VJ Anusha.

After their breakup, whilst Anusha Dandekar hinted and indirectly cited about how Karan lied and cheated on her whilst she earnestly also did wait for an apology from him and now she has finally also moved on in life and is said to be in an official relationship with Barrister Babu (Colors TV, 2020 – present) fame TV star Jason Shah. In his latest interview, sharing his take on same, Karan Kundrra opens up on his breakup with Ex VJ Anusha.

Opening up on his reaction with Anusha dating Jason and also speaking up on his breakup, Karan Kundrra opens up on his breakup with Ex VJ Anusha.

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Finally breaking his dignified silence and giving honest reaction on Anusha dating and moving on with Jason, Karan told that she may have moved on but he hasn’t.

When in his latest interview he got informed about Anusha Dandekar’s current relationship status and also was asked about his reaction to same, Karan in his latest interview with a leading news publication told, “I am single. I don’t think I have recovered yet. My family, childhood best friends and friends in the city have tried their best to set me up with someone, but it’s hard to get into a relationship at the moment. Had it been 10 years ago, I would have immediately entered another relationship, but you mature with time. I am glad that I am back to being close to my family”.

Also speaking up openly on the accusations by Anusha hurled out at him, Karan said, “When I see my reputation getting tarnished, and feel like presenting my side of the story, I realise that gusse mein bhi kahin na kahin pyaar hi hoga. I hope that one day when all of this anger is over, and we are not hurting anymore, we will talk about it. Just because I haven’t said anything, doesn’t mean that I am not affected. She may have moved on, but I have not”.

In this same interview, also clearly mentioning about how they split up over a year ago and tried really hard to work it out but unfortunately it didn’t really work out and went in vain. He also told about how he remained silent out of the respect for their relationship in past and would always like keeping it that way only along with saying that the Roadies judge has shared her point of view and perspective on it and he has loads of respect for her and her entire family as well.

But still mulling deep and wondering about all the anger that she has vented out on social media and questioned, “How is it that these allegations are being levelled against me when there is a development on my professional front? Why hasn’t any other person, who I have been in a relationship with, ever accused me of something as serious as this?”.

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