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Film Producer And Host Karan Is Following BB OTT Fame Zeeshan

Now that the immensely popular and loved indian television reality series Bigg Boss OTT is over, Karan Johar is following BB OTT fame Zeeshan Khan on instagram.

We all know that the quintessential fashion icon and a rising TV star in the making has currently become one of the hottest and hunk heartthrob TV personalities on block all thanks to his striking looks and the affable charismatic charm that he carries and now he has gotten another admirer added into his followers on social media which is a big deal in itself as the film producer and host Karan is following BB OTT fame Zeeshan.

Also, post his elimination from the popular reality TV series Bigg Boss OTT hosted by renowned bollywood icon Karan Johar on Voot Select which recently got over with Divya Agarwal being declared as the winner, film producer and host Karan is following BB OTT fame Zeeshan.

He has been constantly winning hearts of all his fans and audiences post his memorable stint in the popular television reality series and has also become quite a rage with his constantly rising fandom on social media and whilst he is being loved by his fans and followers on social media post his stint a lot more than before, as a sign of his fondness and liking towards the budding television star post Bigg Boss OTT’s conclusion now, the bollywood film producer and host Karan is following BB OTT fame Zeeshan.

Post the popular reality series Bigg Boss OTT got over with the stunning reality star Divya Agarwal being declared as the winner a few days back on the 18th September, film producer and host Karan is following BB OTT fame Zeeshan.

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Taking a first step towards creating a long lasting friendship with the young star and social media sensation, this happens really rarely and once in a blue moon but its real and totally true that Karan Johar has started following the Kumkum Bhagya fame budding suave television star Zeeshan Khan on instagram.

Bathrobe boy and Bigg Boss OTT’s hot and happening ex-contestant, Zeeshan Khan has become quite a rage after his stint on the reality show. Winning hearts like never before, Zeeshan’s over-the-top personality and striking looks helped him build a strong connection with the audience.

He did have his own share of sweet and sour moments on the reality show with the host Karan Johar especially during tense moments at the Weekend Ka Vaar, this is legitimate and real that currently there is no rift, bad blood, enemity and bad blood at all between both of them and now with the show being over, KJo has even taken a step forward to show his fondness for Zeeshan by following him on Instagram which Zeeshan has reciprocated as well by also following him back on social media.

Now that Instagram follows are a major and big thing especially in the social media world, Karan following Zeeshan and vice a versa is definitely a sign of them both on the path of creating a strong, long lasting and real budding friendship that is set to go the long way between the dynamic duo.

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