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Kapil Fat Shames Troll Who Targeted Him In Drugs Angle Probe

The latest update in the ongoing drugs angle probe saga wherein Bharti and Haarsh had got arrested and also bailed in the last week is that comedian Kapil Sharma fat shames troll who targeted him in the drugs angle probe.

The latest update in the Bharti and Haarsh drugs angle saga which after their bail of Rs. 15,000 each by the NCB in last week, never seems to die down and seems like it’s still simmering on social media especially twitter where a social media user targeted Kapil Sharma in his tweet by citing that after Bharti, it’s your turn to get arrested in drugs angle as till the time no one’s arrested, all are innocent but in front of them every truth automatically comes out and then on this the comedian lost his cool where we all saw that ace stand-up comedian and chat show host Kapil fat shames troll who targeted him in drugs angle probe.

Nowadays social media trolling is becoming very normal and common occurrence for the entire Bollywood film fraternity where every other day an actor is trolled and mocked on social media platforms incessantly and also it has become like a part and parcel of life where we saw recently a social media user trolled Kapil on Twitter in his tweet and after that the bollywood film actor and ace comedy chat show host gave a savage comeback reply to him where Kapil fat shames troll who targeted him in drugs probe.

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The social media user in his tweet wrote, “Bharti ka kya haal hua? Tb jb tk pkdi nai gyi ..drugs nai leti thi.. Wo hi haal aapka h shayad jb tk pakde nai jao..no drugs (Everyone saw what happened to Bharti? Till the time she was not under the radar of being caught by NCB, she said she didn’t take any drugs. I think now that it is the same case with you. Until you get caught, you say ‘no drugs’) @KapilSharmaK9”.

Kapil then suddenly just lost his calm and ended up fat shaming the troll by his tweet where he wrote, “Pehle apne size ki shirt silwa mote (Fatty, first get yourself a custom made stitched shirt that fits you)” and later he deleted this controversial tweet of his from his account.

Legendary comedian Raju Shrivastava who has worked with Bharti in many shows, during his recent interview a leading entertainment tabloid a few days back giving his honest reaction on colleague and friend Bharti’s arrest said, “Usko dekh ke kabhi nahi laga ki drugs leti hogi (She did not look like she consumed drugs). I had attended her wedding too. I would get curious as to how her friends, like Sunil Grover, Krushna (Abhishek), could dance all night, not sleep, and then the next day again have fun and dance. I would think why don’t they feel the need to sleep, and yes, I know they are younger than me, maybe that’s why they have the energy. Lekin ab har cheez pe doubt jaa raha hai jabse news aayi hai”.

For those who don’t know, Bharti and her husband Haarsh were arrested by NCB after 85.6 gms of cannabis was discovered in their home and production house on the 21st November 2020 and were granted the bail on furnishing a bond each of 15,000 Rs in cash for their bail by the Bombay High Court.

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