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Kanika Mann: I Want To Challenge The Actor In Me

In her latest exclusive candid chat conversation with us, TV actress Kanika Mann says I want to challenge the actor in me and explore more great characters audiences can relate to.

She is one of tinsel town’s most popular, loved and stunning TV actress who has won hearts of her fans and audiences with her mind blowing performance as Guddan in Zee TV’s popular and hit serial Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega (2018 – 2020) and in her recent exclusive chat with us, the stunning and ace TV diva Kanika Mann says I want to challenge the actor in me.

In her latest interview with us, the TV star Kanika Mann says I want to challenge the actor in me.

Opening up more on her fitness regime, next thing as an actor and much more, Kanika Mann says I want to challenge the actor in me.

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The remarkable and beautiful TV starlet Kanika Mann enjoys a huge social media fanbase of 5 million on instagram and her insta feed is really a visual treat to all her fans and followers on social media. Apart from being an exemplary actress and a strong performer, fans really love her bonding with Guddan co-star Nishant which is also shipped by ardent fans as #Nishika wherein their dance reels are really loved and popular amongst netizens and social media users on instagram.

Not only this, but even her solo dance reels as well especially nowadays in the pandemic times are keeping her fans and followers thoroughly entertained and which go instantly viral on social media and take internet by storm. She is an avid social media user who is staying connected with her fans on social media.

When asked about her next career goal after working in television that she wants to explore as an actor, on this Kanika responds, “I’m looking to do more amazing roles that can challenge the actor in me. I would love to explore more great characters that audience can relate to”.

Furthermore, when quizzed about how does she keep herself positive and motivated in this ongoing second wave of pandemic, on this Kanika answers, “I’m naturally an optimistic person, and always look for ways to keep my spirits high no matter how tough life can get. The pandemic is also a phase which will pass”.

When asked about her favourite films and series that she absolutely loves watching right now especially, on this she said, “There are many, I really can’t pick one!”.

When quizzed about her fitness mantra and regime, on this Kanika shares, “I’m not that much of a fitness freak myself but I live by the idea of staying fit and eating healthy. I do ensure I workout everyday and eat as healthy as I can!”.

Finally opening on whether acting has always been something that she is really passionate about, Kanika asserts, “Absolutely, I have always loved acting, and been extremely passionate about it. I’m looking forward to play more amazing characters and explore acting”.

Source: Kanika Mann Instagram. She keeps on sharing her gym workout video reels giving workout motivation to all.
Source: Kanika Mann Instagram. She keeps on sharing gymming motivation workout reel videos which keeps her fans also entertained.
Source: Kanika Mann Instagram. Her workout video reels on instagram are also really popular and loved by her friends, fans and followers as well.

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