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Kanica’s Critically Acclaimed Short Film Forever Whim Releases Digitally

Best known for her as Meenakshi in Diya Aur Bati Hum on Star Plus, TV star Kanica Maheshwari's critically acclaimed short film Forever Whim releases digitally soon on a global level.

TV actress Kanica Maheshwari who is best known for her role in Star Plus’s show Diya Aur Bati Hum is feeling very happy and jubilant, but certainly there is a big reason behind it which is Kanica’s critically acclaimed short film forever whim releases digitally.

This being her maiden and debut project as an writer, producer has won accolades and earned international recognition as well which has now added more feathers to her cap where now she is an actress, writer and short film producer as well and this movie had been made two years back in 2018 with the purpose of sending it to as many film festivals as possible. We can say that her hardwork and determination has paid off where Kanica’s critically acclaimed short film forever whim releases digitally.

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After this being an awful and life changing year, finally towards the end of 2020 it has gotten good and amazing news for TV actress Kanica Maheshwari as her short film Forever Whim which has won several international awards and also is critically acclaimed has been brought by an digital OTT platform for a worldwide premiere globally and also this marks her debut in the world of OTT digital web space.

After Diya Aur Bati Hum, Kanica tried widening her spectrum and scope wherein she then started working on a promising project as a writer and producer which won Melbourne City Independent Film Awards and Chicago South Asian Film Festival followed by being recognized at events which celebrate the best short films ever made.

Kanica, who herself stars in the film as the actress is over the moon and probably on cloud nine for her digital debut with Forever Whim, which is definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions, where the short film mainly revolves around the relationship between a mother and her daughter after daughter has been diagnosed with Cancer.

Feeling jubilant and joyful, during her recent interview with a digital Indian entertainment portal, Kanica said, “The best things happen to me when I don’t plan them. This is one such thing. This film was made in 2018 & categorically for the purpose of sending it to various film festivals. We did bring home a couple of awards too and it was very gratifying but I hadn’t really thought that one day, it would premiere on a digital platform”.

Furthermore, she also added, “I am very excited as it’s my maiden venture as a writer & producer. I feel like I’ve given wings to my career & I’ve branched out and ready to take risks in life. I have made this film with a lot of love, with no commercial aspect in my mind at the time. I think this is the universe’s way of giving the love back to me. This show will finally help me give me recognition in our industry as a producer”.

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