Kamya Punjabi Slammed Trollers Who Said Her Second Marriage Will End In Divorce

Kamya Punjabi hit out at a troll who said her second marriage would end in divorce very soon.

Television actress Kamya Punjabi is known for her outspoken words on social media and who also obsessed with Bigg Boss. Kamya has to face trollers and criticism several times, but when she gives a befitting reply to them, everyone stops talking. Recently, the actress hit out at a cruel troll who said her second marriage would end in divorce very soon. Replying to them she replied to tell your mother to teach some manners and also warned trollers to stay their dirty minds away from her.

The social media user tagged Kamya and wrote, “history will repeat because you’ll take divorce from your 2nd husband too.??? divorcee got no chill.” Replying to this she said, Aur kuch kehna hai aapko? Apni gandagi ki dukaan kahi aur le jaaiye, u guys don’t even know what I am talking about but you have to spread ur dirt everywhere! Breathe, have some water n tell ur mother to teach u some manners! As her post take place her fans took to the comment section and praised the actress and supports her to slammed the trollers.

One fan wrote, “Leave it mam aise log kabhi nhi sudharte may God bless u n keep happy aise ghatiya logo ki nazar nhi lagti.” One more user wrote, “How disgusting these people are ma’am …kuchh bhi bolte….u r such a beautiful ma’am..just ignore ma’am.” Another one wrote, “Really sorry for you to hear this kinda thoughts and words from him, it’s really hard to be women and more difficult when you are fearless!! More love and strength to you!”

For the untitled, the Shakti actress got married to businessman Shalabh Dang in 2020. They met first time in Delhi and fell in love with each other. While Kamya has a 10-year-old daughter from her first husband, Shalabh has a son from her first wife.

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