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Kamya Punjabi Gets Trolled Over Second Marriage But Pooja Bhatt Has Her Back!

Pooja Bhatt came to Kamya’s rescue after the former got trolled about her unsuccessful first marriage.

Marriages don’t come with guarantees, there’s no formula to make things work! Often people believe it’s much better to part ways and end a marriage rather than staying in a bad marriage and rightfully so! But it’s also women who often get subjugated for a decision like a divorce which is pretty much done on mutual ground.

Recently when actress Kamya Punjabi was trolled on the internet for being unable to save her first marriage, she decided to not take it anymore and give it back to the troller. It all began when Kamya posted a video on Instagram where she talked about women empowerment, a user commented on her post,

“Ek apni shaadi to bacha ni payi talaq ho gya. Fir dusri shadi…had hai”

The “Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas ki” actress then slammed the user with her stern reply,

“So? Mujhe khush rehne ka ya jeene ka koi haq nahi hai? Talaq ho gaya toh aurat ko marr jaana chahiye? Talaq se zindagi khatam ho jaati hai aurat ki? Aap jaisi soch rakhne waalo ke khilaaf aaj harr ladki ko apni awaaz uthani padegi our utha bhi rahi hai… Mujhe kamzor naa samajna main ladki hoon lad sakti hoon (So you think I have no right to stay happy? Should a woman die if she gets divorced? Does divorce end a woman’s life? Every girl needs to raise her voice against people like you with such a mindset, and they are doing that. Don’t think I’m weak. I am a woman and I can fight).”

Later Pooja Bhatt shared Kamya’s tweet on Twitter and lauded the actress, saying that it takes courage to end a dead marriage. The Bombay begum actress wrote,

“More power to you and ALL the women out there who muster up the strength to walk away from a dead marriage and reclaim themselves in a world that tells them they are nothing without a man in their lives. It takes courage to walk alone and take full responsibility for one’s life,”

Pooja, who isn’t legally divorced though, separated from their husband Manish Makhija back in 2014.

Kamya, who is now married to Shalabh Dang, ended her marriage with ex-husband Bunty Negi when their daughter was just 5 years old.

“Mujhe kamzor naa samajna main ladki hoon lad sakti hoon (Do not think of me as weak. I am a woman and I can fight),” shared Kamya about her divorce.

Kamya Punjabi has recently joined the political party Congress and shared with her fans that’s she’s very excited to begin her political journey.

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