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Kajal Opens Up On Devoleena’s Struggle After Her Father’s Death

Devoleena Bhattacharjee's co star and close friend from the time of Saath Nibhana Saathiya season 1, TV actress Kajal Pisal in a recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal opens up on her good friend Devoleena's struggle after her father's death right in childhood after seeing the recent Bigg Boss 14 episode promo.

The stunning actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee who is in Bigg Boss 14 as Eijaz’s proxy, had an emotional meltdown whilst remembering losing her mother and father in a recent episode while speaking with Rakhi Sawant. On seeing this, in a recent interview, Kajal opens up on Devoleena’s struggle after her father’s death.

In a recently conducted interview with ace TV actress, sharing details on her good friend’s pain after losing both her mother and father, Kajal opens up on Devoleena’s struggle after her father’s death.

Sharing the unknown facts of her good friend post she lost both her mom and dad, Kajal opens up on Devoleena’s struggle after her father’s death.

In yesterday’s episode of the TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 airing on Colors TV hosted by bollywood superstar Salman Khan, we all saw how bubbly and spunky TV actress last seen Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 (Star Plus, 2020 – present), Devoleena ultimately broke down in tears after sharing about her struggle since her father’s death back in her childhood also speaking about family struggle, brother’s demise all at a young and tender age.

She also stated about how our society looks down and tries to belittle a family the presence of a father. Post this, Devoleena’s fans sent her loads of love and support through social media platforms. Now her co-star and close friend from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya season 1, Kajal opens up on Devoleena’s struggle after her father’s death.

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In her latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Kajal Pisal said, “It was really sad to learn about Devoleena’s struggle in her childhood. She is strong and trust me it was for the first time she has ever complained. Else she is such a jolly person and believes whatever happens, it’s for a reason”.

Kajal also spoke up in details about how disturbed and upset she felt after watching her close friend Devoleena breaking things and screaming out in rage. She explaining this point told, “Looking at the current promo. I am wondering aisa kya hua hoga? As Arshi doesn’t know her limits and goes on saying anything in fun. Devoleena was already maintaining distance and keeping things respectful. But Arshi might have bullied her on something related to her family as earlier, Vikas also couldn’t take it. Devoleena is extremely protective about her family”.

Also telling about much she wants to see that episode on air, Kajal said, “I am just waiting for the episode tonight. Because of my shoot, I am unable to watch the live feed. But I will not miss out on the episode as the promo is disturbing me. I just want to go in and hug her so tight and calm her down”.

For people who didn’t watch the episode, while talking about her struggle to Rakhi, Devoleena said, “I was eleven years when we lost our dad. My mother was also unwell, but she went to the office, prepared food for us. And we would go to school. The way they treated us without our father….It is the fact of life, if there is no father…Our society looks down upon families where father is not present”.

Also opening up on her brother who is no more and passed away in a young age, Devoleena told, “My brother was playing with a few boys, and one of the boys who was on the cycle fell. The remaining boys put the blame on my brother. The boy, who had fallen, his aunty came and gave two slaps to my brother while I was standing at the gate and watching everything”.

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