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Jyoti Saxena Wants THESE Contestants To Be Eliminated From Bigg Boss 15

Actor Jyoti Saxena is unhappy with Akasa Singh's nomination and instead wants these two contestants to get eliminated.

This week, 3 contestants have been nominated in the Bigg Boss 15 house: Simba Nagpal, Vishal Kotian and Akasa Singh. Akasa’s friend Jyoti Saxena has come out in support of the talented singer and said that Akasa’s nomination is unfair and that she does not deserve to be nominated let alone eliminated from the house. She further said that it should have been either Miesha Iyer or Ishaan Sehgaal or both who should get eliminated. Jyoti feels that the duo is only seen spending quality time with themselves rather than spending with other housemates and doing the tasks assigned to them.

Jyoti wrote on Twitter, “I dont think @AkasaSing deserve to be eliminated from the Biggboss house, It should have been #Mieshaiyer and #IeshaanSehgal as they are only spending time with each other.”

She further wrote, “@Akasasing shares a bond with every housemate and is trying hard to make herself survive as she is not into dirty games and politics like other housemates, she believes in playing with dignity as she belongs from the dignified family background.”

Well, who do you think deserves to get eliminated this week?

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