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Jonita Gandhi Or Vidya Vox: Who Is The Best Youtube Singer?

Today we will decide on who among Jonita Gandhi and Vidya Vox is the best Youtube Singer.

YouTube has provided a huge helping hand to a lot of young and talented people to get recognized all around the world. People have been promoting their talent in various genres on this video platform.

The Musicians and singers with raw talent have emerged to great success due to YouTube and gained a worldwide following for their talent. Among many singers are also singers like Jonita Gandhi and Vidya Vox

Both the ladies have an amazing soulful voice with their own specialties included in it. Today we will make a comparison between the two beautiful singers and decide who is the best YouTube singer among them.

Vidya Vox started her youtube channel in 2015 and has been performing videos which are a combination of western pop, electronic music with a touch of Indian classical music. While Jonita’s YouTube channel mostly contains covers of the songs from the golden era of music.

Compared to 480K subscribers of Jonita Gandhi, Vidya Vox has 6.32 million subscribers on her channel. This makes Vidya a better singer than Jonita. But, Vidya has not had a chance to do playback for even a single Bollywood song while Jonita has done many playback songs in the past few years. Which makes jonita a better singer.

We are really confused and are unable to reach a verdict. Hence, we leave it to you to decide who is the best YouTube singer.

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