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Jasmin’s Top 7 Iconic And Cult Quotes From Bigg Boss 14

Even though it was an unexpected eviction of Jasmin in Bigg Boss 14, but she has ended up winning hearts of audiences and people in real life. In reality irregardless she has become a winner in hearts of her fans and audiences. So now we take a look at Jasmin’s top 7 iconic and cult quotes from Bigg Boss 14.

Post her elimination from the TV reality show, to celebrate Jasmin’s strong journey in the show, lets take a glance at Jasmin’s top 7 iconic and cult quotes from Bigg Boss 14.

The winning queen of hearts and fans on social media, we are seeing Jasmin’s top 7 iconic and cult quotes from Bigg Boss 14.

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Jasmin Bhasin from the inception of Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV right from day one itself, has always been a not only strong but also entertaining contestant of Bigg Boss 14. From the very start of the show, she caught the audience’s eye. Whether it was the beginning talk on the first episode with host and Bollywood’s eternal Dabanng Salman Khan or every single episode of Bigg Boss, Jasmin has provided us with nonstop entertainment.

We have seen many interesting sides of Jasmin in the show, from her emotional side to her funny side and even her fierce side. Through these, Jasmin has said a lot of iconic and savage lines which left the audience cracking up! The fans absolutely love this from Jasmin and have posted a lot of memes on social media. Her wittiness never fails to amaze us!  These are Jasmin’s top 7 iconic and cult quotes from Bigg Boss 14:

1. Mera personal saaman hain, mat haat lagana. WARNING!

2. If it’s irritates you, use Mukhya Dwar.

3. 30 saal mein aayi hun seena thok ke bolti hun 45 saal mein aaye ho nakli banke ghoomte ho.

4. Zimmedari hai Chauki nahi agar nahi nibha sakte ho apne padd se hi istifa lelo!

5. You wrestle with a pig, you get dirty, the pig enjoys.

6. Apka hardwork is hardwork, mera hardwork thenga?

7. Tu Khan hai tho main bhi Bhasin.

Also, recently, the entire nation’s audiences along with fans and Salman Khan too cried after Jasmin’s eviction got announced as both Jasmin and Aly confessed their true feelings for each other which was one of the most heartwarming and emotional moments ever in the history of Bigg Boss.

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