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Jasmin Re-enters BB14 As Aly’s Connection, Excited To Meet Aly

This is indeed an exciting news for the #Jasly and #JasminBhasin fans on social media as their favorite and stunning Jasmin is re entering Bigg Boss 14 again this time as her bestfriend Aly Goni's connection and is totally excited to meet him.

The stunning and gorgeous stellar TV actress Jasmin Bhasin who got evicted from Bigg Boss 14 airing on Colors TV hosted by Bollywood’s eternal Dabanng and globally loved superstar Salman Khan after spending almost 100 days in the Bigg Boss house a few weeks back, is going to make a comeback in the Bigg Boss house yet again but for a very special reason as this time, Jasmin re-enters BB14 as Aly’s connection, excited to meet Aly.

This time around it’s clear that she is coming back in the house only for her bestfriend Aly Goni. All the #Jasly fans will get to see loads of Jasmin and Aly bonding again since Jasmin re-enters BB14 as Aly’s connection, excited to meet Aly.

A very amazing and exciting news scoop for all the Jasmin Bhasin fans on social media who keep on trending for her is that their favorite TV star Jasmin re-enters BB14 as Aly’s connection, excited to meet Aly.

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In a recent tete a tete chat conversational interview with a leading indian digital entertainment news portal, speaking up about her forthcoming appearance in the TV reality show Bigg Boss 14, she went on to reveal the first thing which she would be doing and is really excited to meet Aly after long time again.

Highlighting the same, Jasmin opened up on how she’s going this time as Aly’s connection in the show and is going to give him loads of love and positivity with her entry which is surely going to turn the tables again for other contestants in the house. Jasmin emphasizing on this point said, “I am very excited to meet Aly. I miss him a lot! All you need to survive in the house is love and positivity, and that is what I will give him in abundance. People inside are ready to pick on you and target you for every little thing, so all you need is emotional support, and that is what I am going in for”.

Also spilling the beans on how the tables got turned right now, Jasmin asserts, “That is the real beauty of our relationship. He had come in as my best friend and then we realised that what we had was more than just friendship. And now I am very excited to go back and support him this time, instead of it being the other way round”.

Lauding how brilliantly Aly’s game has gotten so strong now in the house, Jasmin told, “He is not resorting to doing stupid things for content and he is not riding on anybody’s back”. The Bigg Boss 14 and Dil Se Dil Tak (Colors TV, 2017) fame actress also praised Aly a lot along with mentioning about how he is playing like a man.

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