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Jasmin Displays A Lot Of Maturity In Bigg Boss 14 Recent Episode

Dil Se Dil Tak (Colors tv 2017), fame ace TV actress Jasmin Bhasin displays a lot of maturity in Bigg Boss 14.

Ace TV Actress Jasmin Bhasin has been successfully ruling the hearts of the audiences since her debut serial Tashan E Ishq (Zee TV 2015), Wowed the critics with her brilliant performance as Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak (Colors TV 2017-2018), later made everyone fall in love with her chirpy character of Happy in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji (Star Plus 2018-2019), and then she portrayed the role of a shape shifting serpent naagin in Naagin : Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel (Colors TV 2019-2020) and currently is showing her real and actual fun side of being a bubbly person that has her own shades in Colors TV Bigg Boss 14 hosted by Salman Khan, where she is slowly emerging to be one of the strongest contestants with each passing day, During the recent episode, Jasmin displays a lot of maturity in Bigg Boss 14 recent episode.

The prolific and chirpy TV actress who has impressed the TV fraternity, her fans and audiences with her brilliant acting chops in TV serials over the past 5 years, currently seen as a contestant in the TV reality show, Jasmin displays a lot of maturity in Bigg Boss 14 recent episode.

Never the one to sugar coat things and not the one to mince her words, She is displaying her real fun side and personality on the reality show where all her friends who are watching the show from outside the house, are defending and coming forward to support her for the same and her fans are also actively creating trending hashtags and trends for her on social media platforms especially Twitter. During the upcoming recent episode, we would be seeing just how Jasmin displays a lot if maturity in Bigg Boss 14 recent episode.

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We all have seen and witnessed the big fight between Rahul and Jasmin in the house last week whilst performing a task, where we saw that Jasmin was sitting on a cycle, and Rahul had to take her bag away in the task and this actually started the entire fight between both of them. Rahul while performing the task had said, “Jasmin, leave the bag or you’ll get hurt.” This response of him provoked and resulted in a furious and angry reaction from Jasmin since she apparently thought that Rahul was threatening him. She thought and did inner realization about the same for next couple of days which resulted in her not being able to sleep at night and also crying a lot.

This entire incident and ordeal was very draining for her and it affected her a lot where even her friends had noticed a big change in her over the week. During the last weekend’s Weekend Ka Waar, host Salman Khan had also brought up this situation with her. He replayed the entire audio from the task and also explained Jasmin that Rahul had not meant his words as a threat but was rather warning her. Jasmin too ended up realizing that she might have over reacted a little bit on the same and then after the inner self reflection of the same, on the next day she pulled aside Rahul and had a proper discussion and conversation with him about the entire topic.

She told him that they had both had gotten hurt in different ways and that she was really feeling very sorry for the entire misunderstanding. They both apologized to each other and sorted it out. Jasmin said that this is her medicine to heal herself from the situation. In the end, Jasmin acted in a mature and reasonable manner and we all are extremely proud of her. Also Jasmin’s fans saved her from this week’s elimination and she thanked her fans with teary eyes for the same.

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