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Jasmin Calls Emotional Outburst By Frenemy Rubina A Performance

Post her exit from Bigg Boss 14, ace and versatile TV actress Jasmin Bhasin calls the emotional outburst by frenemy Rubina a performance in her recent interview off late.

Jasmin and Rubina appeared to be really good friends in the initial days of Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV wherein even audiences witnessed how they all were a gang with Abhinav Shukla but then after sometime Jasmin and Rubina’s friendship went down the drain where the Dil Se Dil Tak fame stunning star accused the Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki fame TV actress of having a superiority complex which irked Rubina as it didn’t settle down well with her which acted like a catalyst in the war between both of them. Now post eviction, in latest interview, Jasmin calls emotional outburst by frenemy Rubina a performance.

In her recent interview after exiting Bigg Boss 14, , Jasmin calls emotional outburst by frenemy Rubina a performance.

Opening up more on the same, post her elimination from the TV reality show whilst in her recent interview, Jasmin calls emotional outburst by frenemy Rubina a performance.

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In her interview off late with a leading digital entertainment portal, Jasmin clearly said that she found Rubina’s emotional outburst post her elimination from Bigg Boss 14 as an outburst. She also mentioned about how her friendship with Rubina has no future and that she treats and believes like all are fools. Elucidating on same, she said, “My friendship with Rubina Dilaik has no future. But I don’t hold any grudge against her nor do I have any immunity. She claims herself to be so mature and understanding and in fact she thought everyone else in the house are fools. She has always said that she has the right realisations at the right time so, why didn’t she understand this time. Maybe she understood after my eviction that it was the right time to say the dialogue and give a performance and she did that”.

Furthermore, Jasmin also confessed about how she found Rubina to be very manipulative and arrogant. She explained the same in detail and told, “Rubina knows when to manipulate people, their conversations, sentences, words, she knows it very well”.

On the other hand, Jasmin also said how Rubina’s husband Abhinav is a really sweet and caring person.

Also, recently, the entire nation’s audiences along with fans and Salman too cried after Jasmin’s eviction got announced as both Jasmin and Aly confessed their true feelings for each other which was one of the most emotional moments ever in the history of Bigg Boss.

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