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Jasmin Bhasin Feels Fortunate To Be With Aly Goni During These Difficult Times

Actor couple and former Bigg Boss 14 contestants Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni are spending time with the latter’s family in Jammu. Interestingly, they recently featured in a song that was shot during the pandemic. Trying to hold up and also extending help to those in need, Jasmin is hoping these bleak times to get over soon. She also feels proud with the way the industry is finding ways to continue working so as to make people smile during this crisis.

Talking about the experience of shooting the music video, the actor adds, “We are exposed to viruses but the show must go on. As an artiste this is the first thing that we always learn. What we’re trying to do in the pandemic is to go that extra mile and bring entertainment in the lives of the audience. This also becomes our responsibility because if we as artists don’t do it, who else will and we try our best to protect ourselves. It is not easy to shoot in such circumstances and we know we are risking our lives. But who else will do it, if we won’t. We are entertainers and this is the least we can do for our fans. And we feel great when our hard work gets recognition and acceptance from fans. Our new song Tu Bhi Sataya Jaayega is receiving much love and when you are able to make people happy it’s worth taking all the risk.”

Unlike their last song together which was a peppy number, their latest is an emotional song. And the actors had the best time working on this one. Well, this time, Aly did not play any pranks to Jasmin’s relief.

“Aly is the most professional actor and we are very particular about our work. The moment we are on the set, we see the camera and we only remember our characters. We were actors first and friends later. It was all good.”

Jasmin expresses concern about the pandemic. “Honestly, the second wave of Covid-19 what we are witnessing is so bad that you are not safe even inside your own house. Because eventually you will need things to live, eat and for your survival in the house. Right now, the virus is everywhere and we don’t know who will carry it to us and how. It is a very difficult phase; almost every family has one Covid patient,” says the actor, who feels lucky to be spending time with Aly and his family during such times.

Given that this is the holy month of Ramadan, Jasmin shares that the time together with family, friends and the people we love make things all the more special. “During this pandemic, most people are suffering from loneliness, being alone or being locked into the houses. Touchwood, fortunately we made the right decision and came to Jammu to Aly’s family and because of that we are not going through the emotion of loneliness. We are happy that we are around family and friends and it’s lovely. I feel fortunate and it’s a blessing that in such a tough situation and the time we are going through we are with our loved ones,” she adds.

Such special times spent together only strengthen the bond, according to Jasmin. Starting from being friends to lovers now, things have only become better. “It’s a new chapter in our lives and we thought things would be different but nothing changed. Everything is the same between Aly and me. The understanding, chemistry, fights, disputes, leg pulling and everything is the same and it’s all cool,” she laughs.

Jasmin shares a special bond with Aly’s family, especially with his sister Ilham. She finds the family loving and chilled out.

“Aly, his family are not people who I met yesterday. I have known them for the last three years now. Also, there is no formality between us or we don’t pretend to be like that. We were friends and were around always. Aly’s family is very cool, chilled out, sweet, good people. It’s fun to be around them. What makes me comfortable and what has always been important for me is the vibe and energy of the people. Everybody around me here has a great positive vibe and energy,” she concludes.

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