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Jasmin Aly Get Mushy In Kashmir Amidst Aly’s Birthday

The most loved and adorable newest much in love tinsel town couple, Jasmin and Aly get mushy in snow clad Kashmir amidst Aly's 30th birthday bash party with only family and closest friends.

Bigg Boss 14 (Colors TV, 2020 – 2021), fame Jasmin Aly get mushy in Kashmir amidst Aly’s birthday.

The newest and hottest couple in our tinsel town who is making the social media fans go aww and ga ga over their friendship and lovey dovey romantic posts is of stunning actress Jasmin Bhasin and debonair suave TV star Aly Goni who are also shipped by their fans as Jasly on social media. Most exciting news scoop of the day is that Jasmin Aly get mushy in Kashmir amidst Aly’s birthday.

If we see the latest instagram stories of both the Dil Se Dil Tak fame Jasmin Bhasin and Jeet Ki Zid (Zee 5, 2021) fame TV star Aly Goni, then surely not only the fans but also netizens would end up feeling mushy and loved seeing their love painting the entire social media and town red where yet again we got to see loads of Jasly as Jasmin Aly get mushy in Kashmir amidst Aly’s birthday.

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BB14 fame Jasmin’s recent insta stories are surely going to leave all their fans with mushy feeling as she cuddles and also ends up pouting with beau Aly Goni as they celebrated and brought in his 30th birthday  bash in snow clad Kashmir wherein his birthday bash had presence of only his family and closest friends.

Bigg Boss 14 fame Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni’s friendship and love story will always be remembered by audiences and fans as well since they both originally met on the TV reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi and in end became bestfriends, and now in BB14 their friendship fruitfully blossomed into a love story as well.

One of the top four finalists in Bigg Boss season 14, he and his girlfriend Jasmin decided to spend some quality time with family and both of them went to Kashmir and also celebrated his birthday as well.

Whilst a video of Aly cutting his birthday cake is doing rounds on the internet and getting viral, even Jasmin Bhasin ended up posting some much needed #couplegoals picture with beau Aly Goni in which she is getting cozy and mushy with him. One boomerang video sees Aly pretending to take a bite of Jasmin whilst she is pouting. She also shared another pic in which the heads over heels much in love couple are seen happily posing with a friend and the joy on their faces explained their love for each other as well.

Taking to her instagram account, Jasmin Bhasin also posted a lovely picture with Aly Goni calling him as her ‘hero’ and wishing him a happy birthday and in the pic we see how lovingly both of them look at each other.

Source: Jasmin Bhasin Instagram. She wrote this post for her boyfriend Aly on his birthday.

In his recent interview post Bigg Boss 14, speaking about her parents, Aly said, “I want the best for her. I am in no hurry and would like to take things one by one. But if needed, then definitely I will do anything to convince Jasmin’s parents for our relationship and marriage”.

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