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Jasmin Advices Rakhi To Not Mess Up Her Face In BB14

In recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, we would be seeing how Jasmin Bhasin advices Rakhi Sawant to not mess up her face and says, “We are actors, we should take care of our faces".

It was a very eventful day yesterday with the entire showdown between Jasmin and Rakhi and after that, in this recent episode, Jasmin advices Rakhi to not mess up her face in BB14.

The entire ruckus in which Rakhi tried pinning up the blame on Jasmin for it was immediately called out by Jasmin in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 hosted by Salman Khan on Colors TV where she told Rakhi of her behaviour being fake. Post this, Jasmin advices Rakhi to not mess up her face in BB14.

Yesterday was an eventful day in the house of Bigg Boss as we all saw Jasmin Bhasin jokingly placed a thermocol duck head mask on Rakhi Sawant after which Rakhi started aggressively banging her head against the glass table. She complained that Jasmin had broken her nose and caused a huge ruckus in the house because of her fake drama which Jasmin immediately called out and then later, now Jasmin advices Rakhi to not mess up her face in BB14.

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Later Jasmin showed amazing sportsmanship. Even though what she had done was completely harmless, Rakhi still seemed to be in pain (caused from banging her head on the table). Jasmin, a mature woman, said to Rakhi, “I hope that you feel better and your pain reduces. But remember, whatever happened to you, you brought onto yourself by banging your head on the table like that. Try not to get hurt like this in the future. We are actors, we should take care of our faces”.

Jasmin also clapped back at Rakhi’s abuses and said, “It is not that easy to make me leave the Bigg Boss house”. As we all know, Jasmin is a strong contestant and will not be pushed down by fake drama like this. She behaved so maturely unlike Rakhi who continued the drama.

Today, Bigg Boss summoned Rakhi to the confession room. After Rakhi’s drama yesterday, Bigg Boss had taken a few x-rays of her nose just to be sure. They said nothing showed up on the x rays  and that her nose is completely fine. Since she has done some plastic surgery on her nose, they would have to take an MRI to completely check her nose properly and to do that, Rakhi would have to leave the house for a couple of days. The moment she heard that, Rakhi said that she is completely fine and does not require any sort of treatment. This clearly proves that  all the drama and chaos  she had caused yesterday, all the cursing towards Jasmin was all fake and unnecessary. Clearly she blamed Jasmin just for the attention.

Throughout this season of Bigg Boss, Jasmin has always shown amazing sportsmanship and this isn’t the first time we have spotted this mature behaviour. Our cutie Jasmin is a strong, mature and amazing contestant and will  continue to be like that regardless of drama like this.

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