Sunday, September 27, 2020

    Jasleen Matharu Part Ways With Her Boyfriend Abhinit Gupta


    A few months back Jasleen Matharu happily announced that she finally found the love of her life in Bhopal based surgeon Abhinit Gupta. Jasleen was quite excited to spend her life with Abhinit but in a shocking turn of events, the singer has cut all ties with the surgeon and revealed that their Kundali and temperaments didn’t match. Talking about the issue, Jasleen said, “We have ended our relationship completely. I had gone to Bhopal to meet him and after coming from there, I realised we are not compatible actually. We don’t think alike, our temperaments were not matching at all. Like I was ready to marry him and settle in Bhopal and do up and down for my projects but things didn’t materialise in terms of our thoughts and our kundali. My brother had also accompanied me there and he also felt we are not made for each other.” Jasleen is disappointed with the incident but has not made her anti the idea of marriage as she concluded, “Bura toh lagta hai jab cheeze workout nahi ho paati. But right now, I want to stay single and focus on my work until I find someone suitable for me.”

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