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Jankee Reveals Story Of Sufi’s Diagnosis With Bilateral Inguinal Hernia

Ishqbaaaz (Star Plus, 2016 - 2019) fame hunk TV star Nakuul Mehta's wife Jankee taking to her instagram account, revealed story of Sufi's diagnosis with bilateral inguinal hernia.

Ishqbaaaz (Star Plus, 2016 – 2019), fame TV star Nakuul Mehta’s wife and singer Jankee reveals story of Sufi’s diagnosis with bilateral inguinal hernia.

Taking to her official insta handle, she penned a long emotional note wherein Jankee reveals story of Sufi’s diagnosis with bilateral inguinal hernia.

Sharing a picture with their newborn babyboy Sufi, she wrote a heart-wrenching note whereby Jankee reveals story of Sufi’s diagnosis with bilateral inguinal hernia.

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She opened up on how she prepared their adorable munchkin Sufi for the surgery and also mentioned about how strategically she ended up totally preparing their son Sufi to stay without milk for a period of about 7 hours because he had to undergo the surgery under general anaesthesia.

Jankee informed all her followers and fans, “3 weeks ago, our little ‘Sufi’ was diagnosed with Bilateral inguinal Hernia & the doctors advised immediate surgical intervention. Despite it being a safe surgical procedure in infants, just the thought of having my little one having to undergo surgery under general anaesthesia broke my heart”.

The singer also shared in depth about how her next 3 nights went in preparing her little one for the procedure. She also mentioned that what worried her was “the fact that he had to fast for 4 hours before and 2 hours after surgery as he was going to be administered anaesthesia”.

She then revealed how she trained their babyboy Sufi, monitoring his eating and sleep patterns until the day of the surgery. Jankee said, “My plan was to mimic the day of the surgery so that his body clock gets trained for the procedure & he doesn’t wake up earlier & ask for milk”.

Jankee then also ended up spilling the beans with important details from the day of their son’s surgery straight from time when Sufi turned two months old and stated, “Sufi behaved exactly the way we planned. He slept till the time I handed him over to the surgeon in the OT. Post the surgery, when he woke up, the next whole hour I just spoke to him on how well he did, what a champ he’s been through it all & how he needs to wait just a little bit longer for milk”.

Jankee revealed she was shocked at how her little prince waited really patiently for 7 hours in total before getting his feed. The singer concluded the post with a piece of advice for parents. She said that the best gift one can give their children is to teach them to be “Happy and Fearless despite all the challenges that life throws at them”.

Source: Jankee Parekh Mehta Instagram. She posted this image of herself with Sufi and penned down this emotionally heart-wrenching story.

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