Jaan Kumar Sanu Opens Up About Rahul Vaidya’s Nepotism Comment

Jaan Kumar Sanu who was recently evicted form the Bigg Boss 14 house shares his opinion on Rahul Rahul Vaidya’s nepotism comment and says he could have been a big singer if he resorted to nepotism.

The debate about nepotism started during a nomination which happened a few weeks back. During the episode, Rahul Vaidya nominated Jaan for being a product of nepotism.

Rahul said, “Jisko main nominate karna chahata hun woh hai Jaan because mujhe nepotism se sakt nafrat hai. Yahaan pe jitne bhi log aaye hain sab apni apni mehnat karke aaye hai.”

Opening up on the issue, Jaan shared, “The problem here was that Rahul used that nepotism card three weeks into the game. If you had a problem with me being a ‘nepo’ kid, you should have brought it up in the first week. The way Rahul said it I think he had no reason left to nominate me.”

Jaan Kumar Sanu Opens Up About Rahul Vaidya’s Nepotism Comment

However, Jaan asserts that Rahul’s remark was impractical and worthless.

“Then the man himself took it upon himself to explain and clarify things to Rahul. I am glad and thankful to Salman sir because what he said was absolutely true because if I had been a nepo-kid I wouldn’t have searched for a platform like Bigg Boss to make people understand who I am.”

Jaan further added it could have been an easy for him if had taken his father Kumar Sanu’s help him.

Jaan Kumar Sanu Opens Up About Rahul Vaidya’s Nepotism Comment

“I don’t think anyone would want to put himself through that kind of stress to reach out to people if they had something backing them. It could’ve been easy for my dad to help me out and put me across platforms.”

“I could have been a big singer if I was a nepo kid, which I am not. Salman sir put that across very beautifully to Rahul. I am just a little disappointed with Rahul because the reason that he gave to nominate me, nepotism was a big joke.”

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