Is #SidNaaz’s Picture Hinting Towards The Kapil Sharma Show !

The latest viral picture posted by Anshul Garg on his Instagram handle is making us all wonder that is #SidNaaz's picture hinting towards The Kapil Sharma Show !

Well now it looks like all #SidNaaz fans and fandom on the social media especially Instagram have something to rejoice and be excited for as maybe their favorite couple are going to appear on a nationally well renowned comedy chat show which looks like true where along with their fans even we audiences are wondering that is #SidNaaz’s picture hinting towards The Kapil Sharma Show !

This is a very happening scoop of the day for all the fans, audiences which has even managed to successfully arouse and pique curiosity of the netizens as well where now all are thinking deep about the fact that is #SidNaaz’s picture  hinting towards The Kapil Sharma Show !

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Well, yes the makers of their upcoming music video i.e. the Desi Music Factory label has shared a picture with the most loved and dynamic rumored couple duo in which we can see Shehnaaz Gill in a red dress while Sidharth Shukla looking suave and dapper hunk in a denim blue jacket. In middle of the picture are Anshul Garg and the singer / hit maker ace iconic singer Tony Kakkar and this also is giving us the feels of them all standing in a set.

Source: Anshul Garg Instagram. Anshul posted this picture with #SidNaaz and Tony which is maybe hinting towards The Kapil Sharma Show.

This picture has gone viral and trending literally taking the Instagram by storm where the social media users and twitterverse are also mulling deep over it that is #SidNaaz’s picture  hinting towards The Kapil Sharma Show !

This picture is making it look like certainly there are chances of them all going on some show for starting the promotional spree of their upcoming music video song. Also, since past few days, there have been strong and hot buzzing rumors and speculative stories along with talks of the nationally shipped and revered #SidNaaz gracing their presence on The Kapil Sharma Show.

This song has been shot extensively in Chandigarh 10 days back and has been in the limelight and headlines since the moment both Sidharth and Shehnaaz left from Mumbai city together for Chandigarh where they were clicked and snapped by the paparazzi for the first time ever which has gotten their fan’s excitement to another level altogether.

Also this is a very common fact, that video song promotions are happening hugely nowadays and it will be a very enjoyable treat and best gift ever for the audiences and fans to see them together promoting their song on TV reality chat shows.

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