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Indian Idol 12: Fans Demand Elimination Of Mohammad Danish And Shanmukhapriya

Indian Idol 12 is currently rocking the TRP charts for its unique themes every week. The contestants and their choice of songs has been loved by fans, however, the show has found itself in the midst of controversies from past week.

Last week netizens slammed makers for ruining legendary Kishore Kumar songs, but this week the fans are demanding the ouster of 2 top contenders, Mohammad Danish and Shanmukhapriya.

Post last weeks episode, many ranted over Danish and Shanmukhapriya’s voice by claiming that they only shout ‘in all the songs’. They even went on to say Danish is always overacting in every episode.

One Twitter user wrote, “Organisers please stop this Danish and Shanmukhpriya shouting in all the songs.. It is irritating and unbearable. They kill essence of the song and make mockery of it.. Especially Danish shouts in every songs.. That’s not singing #IndianIdol2021.”

Replying to the tweet, one wrote, “So true, u don’t have to put ur variation in all songs.. it ruins the song.”

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