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IMMJ 2 Cast Shares Their New Year Plans And Resolutions

With the odd ball year 2020 about to bid an adieu to all of us in next few hours from now, whilst in a recent interview, the entire IMMJ 2 cast shares their New Year plans and resolutions.

With the new year 2021 being just a few hours away from now, in a recent interview, the entire IMMJ 2 cast shares their New Year plans and resolutions.

Throwing more light on their New Year plans and resolutions for the coming year 2021, In a recent special interview, IMMJ 2 cast shares their New Year plans and resolutions.

The New Year is round the corner and the cast of Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 that airs on Colors TV, cannot keep calm! wherein IMMJ 2 cast shares their New Year plans and resolutions.

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Jay Zaveri says, “2020 was full of ups and downs. The biggest down was the pandemic and the biggest up was that the show started a new journey for everyone associated with it. My resolutions are that I will try to stay calm and be patient and try to do all housework from cleaning to cooking. On New year, we will have a private party with my friends, somewhere outside Mumbai. I will also try to stay fit”.

Aashcharya Vikas says, “2020 was a year full of opportunities for me. I got a role in lMMJ 2 as Chitvan. Working on the sets of IMMJ 2 was a wonderful experience. It was like I stepped into a different world. Then again, 2020 was an year of achievement for me as I was able to discover my potential of making short movies during the lockdown period and won 8 awards in 10 different international film festivals My learnings from 2020 is that it is important to maintain good hygiene and take care of your health. Keep yourself busy with work and exercise, help others. My New Year resolutions are to seek good role in new series or serials, to work on physical fitness. and to motivate people around me to be positive”.

Nikita Tiwari says, “I’ve been thinking a lot and this situation has shown us that we are all the same, regardless of our religion, culture, customs, whether we are poor or rich. The virus simply does not choose. It connected us in a way, it showed us that we should all stick together. During this chaos, while many of us panicked, it showed us the weight of humanity. It reminded us who we are. Maybe the world will finally change, 2020 changed everything around me and my thoughts too. This year taught everyone that we need to remember that we have been given a gift called life and that we should appreciate it, everything can end tomorrow. Focus on what is important to us. I am aware of everything that has been taken away from us due to this situation, of all the unrealised plans, be it birthdays, travels, weddings … and sadly, we cannot do anything about it. I don’t have any plans as such for New Year, I will stay at home and celebrate it with my family. My mom is with me and we are going to watch a movie together at home, do some cooking as it’s not safe to eat outside food. This difficult time showed us the real face of life so my New Year resolutions is to save money, learn new things, spend more time with family and close friends. Also, as I love cooking, I may try to cook one new thing each week”.

Manasvi Vashisht says, “Well, despite being the worst year ever for the entire human mankind, 2020 would always be special to me as it got me my first break as an actor. The biggest thing I’ve learnt from 2020 is that we shall all stop taking this life for granted and cherish it. I am not sure what 2021 will bring for me! My New Year resolution is just to get better at everything I do, get a lead role in a good web series, and then maybe do a big film”.

Minakshi Sethi says, “2020 wasn’t all that bad for me, by God’s grace, two of my web series premiered. I started working for Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. I don’t really have any plans as such for Christmas and New Year. I’ll be with my family only. I don’t want my kids also to go anywhere because the situation is not really apt for that. My New Year resolution is that I want to work hard and achieve a position that will make me and my family feel proud and secure. I want to give my children the best that I can”.

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