“I will commit suicide,” says Rakhi Sawant on 3rd wave of Covid-19

Rakhi Sawant expresses her concern over the projected third wave of Covid-19 in India that is said to be dangerous for kids.

Experts have predicted a third wave of Covid-19 in India after 6-8 months. It is believed that the third wave would be contagious for kids. Hearing this news, Rakhi Sawant expressed her concern. She said, “I will commit suicide if the children of my country suffer.”

Rakhi was spotted outside a coffee shop in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. She said that she is worried about the situation. She also appealed all the parents to take extra care of their children. She said that they should bathe their children properly after they return from playing with other kids.

Rakhi said that she has a weak heart and she wouldn’t be able to see the children suffering.

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