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I Have A Serious Relationship With Food: Nikkiey Chawla!

India’s first transgender model and actress Nikkiey Chawla loves food. She said, “I am a big foodie. I have a more serious relationship with food than with human beings.” And though she loves cooking, she doesn’t like cooking every day.

“I make really good besan ke ladoos, kheer, moong dal halwa, I make really yummy chicken and I make really tasty biryani as well. I know how to cook but I can’t cook every day,” she said.

Nikkiey also believes in having the right quantity, even if it is sugar. “I know sugar is very much refined these days and a lot of people avoid it. I don’t focus on these things. I always make sure that whatever food I eat, I eat in the right quantity and I make sure I enjoy it because whatever you eat makes your body happy,” she said.

Sharing her opinion on outside food, she said that she doesn’t mind ordering food from the outside, but stressed that if the food is not good, it should certainly be reported. 

“Everyone has their own point of view. Some people feel that they shouldn’t eat outside and they’ll eat at home. Home-cooked food is good because at home the food is cooked properly in front of your eyes. The restaurants and all also take precautions now and follow all safety standards. So there is nothing to worry about. It’s just that people have this misconception that the outside food isn’t hygienic. If it is someone’s business they will not take it lightly,” she said.

“Some days I like ordering food from food delivery applications. You get to know a lot of new places where good food is served. Recently, I’ve discovered a place where their mutton and chicken is fabulous, and plus the gulab jamuns they send is to die for. If you are ordering food from somewhere make sure that if you don’t get good food from them then please report it so that the application can make it better through their consumers,” Nikkiey concluded.

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