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Hrishikesh Says YRKKH Is Successful Due To Audience’s Connect

Best known for his stellar performance in Sony TV's top crime detective show C.I.D., actor Hrishikesh Pandey has been roped in to play an important role by producer Rajan Shahi as Sirat (Shivangi) boxing trainer in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. In a recent interview, Hrishikesh says YRKKH is successful due to audience's connect.

Known for his powerful performance in cult and favorite indian crime detective series C.I.D, ace TV producer Rajan Shahi has roped in stellar TV actor Hrishikesh Pandey to play a pivotal key role in his most loved and popular TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus, 2009 – present). In a recent interview, Hrishikesh says YRKKH is successful due to audience’s connect.

In a recent tete a tete chat interview, spilling more beans about his character and much more, Hrishikesh says YRKKH is successful due to audience’s connect.

In his latest conversational chat interview opening up about the show and his rapport with ace TV producer Rajan Shahi, Hrishikesh says YRKKH is successful due to audience’s connect.

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C.I.D. fame Hrishikesh Pandey has been roped in Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH), and the actor will be seen in a very important role in the popular show. He shared that even after 12 years the show is going strong because it connects well with the audience.

Explaining more about it, Hrishikesh said, “I have been a part of the industry’s biggest-ever show ‘C.I.D.’ for so many years, so the same way unless and until the characters of the story don’t touch the hearts of the people, it doesn’t work. People make very big and extraordinary shows that we have seen in the past but till the time the audience doesn’t connect with the show or characters or the concept it doesn’t work. So I think the way YRKKH has connected with the audience is the reason that it is so successful”.

The ace TV actor has earlier also worked with Rajan in shows like Viraasat and Shaadi Street. When asked about his rapport and bonding with Rajan Shahi, Hrishikesh said, “I am working with Rajan Shahi as a producer for the first time. He was amazing as a director, he is very clear with his concepts and he is very straightforward which are the qualities I like about him. As a producer, he is very successful and he knows what people like and he connects with the audience”.

Sharing the reason for taking up the show, he said, “Rajan is a friend and a wonderful person. And it’s a very good and well-watched show. I like doing different kinds of characters and this one too is exciting. It is a slightly grey character”.

Hrishikesh will play the role of Mukesh, who is taking care of Naira’s lookalike Sirat and is also helping her in teaching boxing. Divulging more information about his role, he said, “The background of the character is poor, he is managing his life somehow with basics. The viewers have known the look of the show for years but this time it will be a little unusual sight to the viewers which is also a big twist that everyone will see soon”.

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