Friday, September 25, 2020

    Hindustani Bhau Files Complaint Against Ekta Kapoor For Disrespecting The Country


    In a recent Instagram post Hindustani Bhau informed everyone that he’ll be soon file an FIR against a big celebrity and also expose them. Now Bhau himself revealed that he has filed an complaint against TV czarina Ekta Kapoor and her mother Shobha Kapoor. In his complaint Bhau raised objection over her web show XXX, in which the lead actor is seen making out wearing the Indian Army uniform. Talking about his complaint Bhau said, “I will not tolerate anyone who speaks or does anything wrong against my country, anti national people like Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor are promoting sexual activities in public and corrupting the mind of youth and families. They have further stooped by targeting our Indian military, their uniform and defaming it’s national emblem. The concerned investigation officer has assured me of strict action against the culprits.” Meanwhile, his lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan said, “I got intimated by my client about the illicit content shown against the Indian military, their uniform, National emblem and colonel tag of our army, they have been shown with utter disrespect and disregard in a highly sexual activity which has hurt the sentiments of the military and all our country people. I immediately did a research and accordingly a Complaint has been filed today in the Khar police station against both the accused- Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor for disrespecting our country and it’s honour.” The fans came out in full support of Hindustani Bhau and lashed out on Ekta for showing such vulgar content. Ribu Mehra who played the lead in the show have no clue about the matter while Ekta is yet to make a comment on this.

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