Monday, September 28, 2020

    Hina Khan Urges For A Fair Chance For Television Actors In Bollywood


    Hina Khan has been part of the television for over a decade. The actress, who has also featured in Hindi films, fails to understand why small screen stars are looked down upon in Bollywood. Talking about why there is hardly any bond between Bollywood and the small screen industry, Hina says, “Well, we are ready to work if given an opportunity. I am not the right person because I come from both the mediums. I have done theatrical films, I have done digital and then I have done television for the longest time. So, I am somewhere in the middle and I can speak on both the cases. What I see after all these years is that we are looked down upon. I don’t know why.” Hina even made a debut at the Cannes Film Festival last year, following which there was criticism about her appearance from sections of the media. She urged for a fair chance for television actors. The actor further adds that television actors are always looked down up and they literary have to struggle more despite being more talented than others, but they don’t get the opportunity.

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