How Much Does Hina Khan Earn? Actress’ Net Worth Will Leave You Stunned!

Hina Khan is a well-known self-established actress in the Indian television industry, who also has a good fan base. From her luxurious car collection to her income, read to know all about it!

Hina Khan’s fame and success had made her a household name in India, the actress has worked in multiple superhit daily soaps, like that of ‘Akshara’ in “Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ that made her extremely popular among the masses. Apart from Indian television, last year Hina made her first-ever Bollywood debut, in the hopes of setting her footprint on the Big screen too. Hina, undoubtedly is one of the biggest television stars in India, with a massive fan base of around 16.2 million only on Instagram itself.

Hina Khan Net Worth:

In terms of her income, according to several media reports, in 2022, it is reportedly estimated that the actress’s net worth is around 52 crores or 7 million dollars. Hina also earns around 35 lacs monthly, which mostly is made up of her television serials. These figures definitely make Hina, one of the highest-paid actresses on Indian television. While one of her favourite on-screen avatars was that of a naive ‘bahu’ in YRKKH, Hina reportedly charged a whooping 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh rupees for each episode.

She has also been a part of many popular reality TV shows like Bigg Boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi, the 34-year-old was paid a hefty amount of money to participate in both the shows. Media reports suggest that Hina was paid RS 72 lakhs for every 2 weeks in the BB house and around 4.5 lakhs rupees per episode in Kharon Ke Khiladi.

Hina Khan recently shared a post on her Instagram handle remembering her late father on his 1st death anniversary. Despite leaving her hometown at a rife age of 20 to pursue her acting career, Hina shared a great bond with her father.  “I come from an orthodox Kashmiri family where becoming an actor was never an option. My parents were even hesitant to send me to Delhi for college but somehow, I convinced Papa. So, when a friend suggested auditioning for a serial, I said no. Upon insistence, I gave it a go and the casting directors loved me! The next day, I was selected for the lead role!” she had shared.

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She shared how her family has been of great support throughout her journey, and how they’re always a part of her decision-making process. She also revealed how her relationship with boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal initially came as a shock to her parents, “And just when my parents had gotten used to me being an actor, I told them I was seeing Rocky. It came as a shock; everybody in our family has had arranged marriages. But I gave them time & now, they love him more than me!” she said.